Abstractica 3

Abstractica 3

  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher:
  • Developer: MJK Games
  • Genre: Puzzle

  • Abstractica 3 is a unique puzzle game with 525 (+20) challenging and mysterious puzzles.
    The puzzles can be anything from code decryption to image recognition, from cryptograms to mathematical problems and even to audiovisual puzzles. They may be logical or less logical, but one thing is for sure: A3 requires thinking outside the box!

    The player must find the correct answer to each level in the form of words, letters, numbers or some other symbols, and enter it in the answer box. In searching for the right answer, it's often required to use various external tools, like the Internet and search engines for information searching, and image editing applications to discover hidden messages in some of the puzzles. Other people and the A3 community forum of hundreds of players can prove useful in solving the game's problems.

    Abstractica 3 is a true challenge for anyone, with puzzles that may require anywhere from 10 seconds up to 100 hours to be solved. The levels have been divided into five Journeys: The Beginning, The Maze, Brainstorm Rising, Abstractica! and Neuromaniacs, which all contain 100-110 challenges. For help, there is a tip and an extra tip for each level. Also a tutorial mode and practice levels are included to make it easier for the player to learn the basic game concepts before continuing to the actual Journeys.

    There are three rankings for the best A3 players. The Apprentices are players who have completed the first Journey, The Masters have been able to beat 400 levels, and the ultimate puzzle-solvers are named The WIZARDS by finishing the whole game and its 500+ levels!

    In addition to the 525 levels in the five Journeys, there are 20 hidden puzzles. 'Turkey³' is a collection of 12 crazy never-seen-before puzzles, 'Dumped lvls' is a hidden mini-journey of 6 levels, and the other four are extra-hard single levels. All of the 20 puzzles are very difficult to find. They can be accessed in different parts of the game.

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