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5-in-1 Arcade Hits

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5-in-1 Arcade Hits

  • Platform: Playstation Portable
  • Publisher: Grip Games
  • Developer: Grip Games
  • Genre: Arcade

  • 5-in-1 Arcade Hits is a collection of five great arcade and casual games in one single package, for everyone who is looking for quick and instant fun, wherever and whenever. These full-blown games that could be sold separately are now part of a single pack and form the most fun-loaded “minis” game to date.

    With Solitaire, the world’s favorite card game, Pairs, a memory-based puzzle game, Tetroid, a fast-paced block breaker game, 15 Puzzle, a classic “complete a picture” puzzle game and 8ball Pool, the most played version of this billiards game, there is something for everyone.

    If that’s not enough, there are many game modes and difficulty settings, single player and multiplayer modes, tons of medals and records to beat, including a comparison to Grip Games testers’ best results. Can you beat them and become the king?

    Completely unique and new features to the “minis” games are global leaderboards. Each time you get a new highest score, or are awarded with a medal, the game gives you a unique code that you can input at and see how you are standing against the world. These results can also be easily uploaded to Facebook and Twitter, with a single click, to let your friends see your success.

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