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Creature Conflict: the Clan Wars

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Creature Conflict: the Clan Wars

  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: Cenega
  • Developer: Mithis
  • Genre: Third Person, Turn-Based

  • Creature Conflict: the Clan Wars is a turn-based tactical and real-time action game. The battlefields are not 2D landscapes, but completely 3D mini-planets. The main idea is simple: 2-8 teams of animals (controlled by either human players or the computer) take it in turns as they try to conquer units. There are 4 standard and 1 hidden unit to each of the sides. The player's task is to put together his group, equip the fighters, and place them on the scene of the battle - the planet. When each of the players have done so, the fight begins. The player has to make the right tactical decisions of what to do, and with which unit, knowing that he may only move with one of his soldiers in a turn. Once he has made up his mind, he takes control of one of his unts, selects the weapon he find suitable for the task and carries out the planned move himself. In the meantime, he has to pay attention not to exceed the turn's time limit.

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