Do the milkshake the milkshake do the shake



  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher:
  • Developer:
  • Genre: Action, Driving, Sandbox

  • DREAM: Do you ever dream about inventing new kinds of vehicles and the fun you can have with them?
    So do we, Homebrew allows you to do realize these dreams and let you dream even further!

    BUILD: If you can dream it, you should be able to build it!
    The easy to use building system is designed for the advanced, the lazy and the mingebags.
    It contains all the tools you'll need to bring your inventions to life and test them.
    The parts you'll use can be found in real life and behave in a realistic manner so that no vehicle will be overpowered.

    ENJOY: Take all the time you need to roam the vast lands of Homebrew and discover the secrets they withold.
    Your surroundings include jumps and loops that allow you to test your vehicle's acrobatic skills and push them to the limit.
    Soon you'll be able to play online with friends and create your own goals and challanges.

    Key Features

    Building system designed for the Advanced, the Lazy and the Mingebag
    Highly customizable controls and parts to ensure limitless building possibilities
    Building your own building blocks
    Vast maps to explore and test your creations
    Tons of realistic parts to play with
    Multiplayer (including vehicle sharing) in the make
    Customizable controls that are compatible with gamepads/joysticks/keyboards, ...
    Homebrew is a creation by Copybugpaste, a small indie team of friends trying to leave our mark on the globe. During countless projects and sleepless nights, each one of us developed his own set of skills.
    We strongly believe that everyone is a born creator and as creators ourselves we think it's important to honor the word game. That's why our goal is a game that people will play and enjoy for a long time to come.

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