Dota 2: The International prize pool tops $15m

The International 2015 July 2, 2015 (0 comments)

Valve's annual Dota 2 tournament, The International, is officially the most lucrative eSports event in history, as...

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Plants vs. Zombies to star in an all-new comic book

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare July 2, 2015 (0 comments)

Excited for a little Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 next year? You might not need to wait so...

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Time’s up: Mojang’s Scrolls to close in 2016

Scrolls July 2, 2015 (0 comments)

Remember all the fuss over Mojang's card stratgy game Scrolls? Well, it's well and truly over now, with...

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The Last of Us 2 apparently confirmed by voice actor

The Last of Us Remastered July 1, 2015 (0 comments)

He might be good at characterisations, but Nolan North is apparently not so good at keeping secrets. It seems the...

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Wish You Were Here: an EA E3 AU recap

EA-Logo-Blue July 1, 2015 (1 comment)

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3) is a three day, non-stop event full of developers and publishers showcasing their...

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Midweek Media: July 1st, 2015

cc: Regan Walsh July 1, 2015 (0 comments)

It's a brand new month, which means it's time for a brand new batch of screens! We're slowly returning to...

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HoloLens headsets destroyed in SpaceX launch failure

Microsoft-HoloLens-Headset June 30, 2015 (0 comments)

Given that astronauts on the International Space Station were perhaps further away from E3 than any of the rest...

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Splatoon remix soundtrack album out now

Splatunes-Cover June 30, 2015 (0 comments)

Want a new soundtrack for those times when you're not playing video games? Want to be reminded that you can...

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Pokémon Shuffle: Catch ’em all on smartphone

PokemonShuffle-Cards June 30, 2015 (0 comments)

You'll soon be able to play Pokémon on your smartphone, as Pokémon Shuffle heads to both iOS and Android...

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UKIE Game Charts, Week 26 2015

BatmanArkhamKnight-Window June 30, 2015 (0 comments)

Warner Bros is still sitting proudly at the top of the charts, even though it's with a different game...

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