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Take out a loan kids. New limited edition Destiny PS4 announced

Damn that crisp white finish... July 8, 2015 (1 comment)

Love Destiny? Casually collect PS4 consoles? Or just feel like making a 'totally' worthwhile speculator buy? Then hot diggity damn,...

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[E3] Player Attack TV: July 3 2015, SE3 EP20

PlayerAttack-Purple-square July 6, 2015 (0 comments)

This week, Player Attack looks back at E3 2015, from the pre-show conferences to the big reveals from the...

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What’s on Player Attack TV – Friday July 3

Player Attack! July 2, 2015 (0 comments)

Want to know what's on Player Attack this week? Well, it's our E3 2015 recap, of...

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The Last of Us 2 apparently confirmed by voice actor

The Last of Us Remastered July 1, 2015 (0 comments)

He might be good at characterisations, but Nolan North is apparently not so good at keeping secrets. It seems the...

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Uncharted movie loses (another) director

Uncharted 4 June 29, 2015 (1 comment)

While the Uncharted video games are continuing unabated, it seems the film adaptation of the franchise has hit...

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Free DriveClub finally headed to PS Plus subscribers

DriveClub-SplitLogo June 25, 2015 (0 comments)

Hey, you! Remember DriveClub? Remember how PlayStation Plus members were supposed to get a free copy of the...

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Amazon video game pre-orders skyrocket after E3

RareReplay-Logo June 25, 2015 (1 comment)

In the aftermath of E3, what do you think is the most pre-ordered game on Amazon? Fallout...

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New PS4 has double the hard drive space

The Ultimate Player 1TB Edition PS4 June 23, 2015 (2 comments)

Just before E3, we learned about a couple of brand new models for the PlayStation 4. Now, it seems...

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[E3] Heavy Rain + Beyond: Two Souls to hit PS4

Heavy Rain June 18, 2015 (2 comments)

We might not have been given any hints about a new Quantic Dream game at E3 this year,...

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