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REVIEW: Invizimals The Alliance [PS VITA]

InvizimalsAlliance2 April 2nd, 2014 (2 comments)

Augmented Reality games have one purpose in this world. To make the player look like an absolute moron. Here I...

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Legendary Google April Fools joke is Catching

GoogleMaps-PokemonChallenge April 1st, 2014 (33 comments)

The Google April Fools Day jokes are the stuff of legend and this year the company has outdone itself....

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[E32013] What’s New Pikachu?!

wild-pikachu June 13th, 2013 (0 comments)

Well, it's that magical time again, Nintendo's talking more about the upcoming Pokemon X and Y! Being the well adjusted...

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New app puts Pokémon in your pocket

pikachu February 12th, 2013 (0 comments)

If you want a Pokémon fix on the run, The Pokémon Company has come to your aid, releasing...

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New generation: Pokémon X and Y coming to 3DS

Starter Pokemon from X and Y January 8th, 2013 (4 comments)

The time has come. The next generation of Pokémon has evolved, with Nintendo revealing what will be two of...

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New iOS PokéDex app released in Japan today

pikachu November 15th, 2012 (0 comments)

Who loves Pokémon? We love Pokémon! But apparently not enough for Nintendo and The Pokémon Company to release Pokémon Zukan,...

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FEATURE: Genre-Jumping, Against all Odds

Abes-Oddysee-Logo November 8th, 2012 (2 comments)

"Great" game idea #1: A first-person shooter set in the Pokémon universe. You play as a... Pikachu, or something,...

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Zynga’s new monster game looks a bit familiar

Montopia-LogoScreen September 12th, 2012 (0 comments)

Gotta collect 'em all! No, it's not the catchphrase for another Pokémon game, instead it belongs to the new...

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Gotta read ‘em all: Pokémon Blue on an eReader

Pikachu-Leap September 9th, 2012 (0 comments)

We've looked at games being played on unusual platforms before, but it's still nifty to see what people come...

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