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Want cheap games? Want to help charity? It’s HumbleBundle sales time!

I SAID TAKE IT!! May 11, 2015 (0 comments)

That's right! This time the feeding frenzy of cheap PC games doesn't come from Lord Gaben (hallowed be his name),...

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GTA V is about to look even better!

"*@#%$# delayed again!" May 11, 2015 (3 comments)

Pfft! As if that's possible, right? Well, you better hold on to your butts ladies and gentlemen because the modders...

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Twitter adds, removes ability to embed games

Twitter-Logo-Square May 4, 2015 (0 comments)

For a brief moment, it looked like Twitter could have been the next big gaming platform, as the Internet Archive...

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International launch times for GTA V launch on PC

GrandTheftAutoV-PS4-Mime April 13, 2015 (0 comments)

Mark your calendars and set your alarms, my friends: Rockstar has let us know the precise moment that Read More »

This cute old school RPG is only $1.99

HelensMysteriousCastle_Feature August 24, 2014 (0 comments)

Looking for some RPG action, but really short on funds? Playism has you covered, as they just localized the...

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Super TIME Force Ultra hitting Steam August 25

SuperTimeForceUltra_Feature August 15, 2014 (0 comments)

Have you just been dying to play Super TIME Force, but don't own a Microsoft console to play it on?...

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Ryse: Son of Rome marching its way onto PC

Don't agree with your imperialistic expansion? Cut 'em down! August 8, 2014 (0 comments)

Ryse: Son of Rome is marching its way onto PC backed by a glorious 4K rendered...

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PREVIEW: The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

6278_The_Witcher_3_Wild_Hunt_Igni_Effect July 10, 2014 (6 comments)

This week I had the awesome privilege of attending a Bandai Namco press event held at the world famous...

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PC-compatible Kinect on sale July 15

The PC-compatible Kinect July 7, 2014 (10 comments)

You'll soon be able to buy a Kinect sensor for your PC, as Microsoft places the peripheral in its...

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