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Destiny theme to be released as McCartney single

Marty O'Donnell and Paul McCartney in the Bungie studios August 11, 2014 (0 comments)

While we first heard about it back in 2012, Paul McCartney has been working on the soundtrack to Destiny...

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Destiny soundtrack sample released

Destiny, from Bungie July 8, 2013 (0 comments)

It's no secret that just about everyone is intrigued by Destiny. Whether you want a great shooter, an impressive...

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Player Attack: Season 1, Episode 19

Player Attack! July 13, 2012 (1 comment)

This week on Player Attack, we watch an Android-powered console make crowdfunding history. The writer behind Tomb Raider...

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Beatle McCartney working on new Bungie project

Marty O'Donnell and Paul McCartney in the Bungie studios July 8, 2012 (0 comments)

Back in January this year, former Beatle Paul McCartney announced he was working on a video game (well, the...

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Beatle McCartney writing video game soundtrack

Paul McCartney January 31, 2012 (1 comment)

Sir Paul McCartney has long been known as a multi-talented fellow, and news has emerged that the former Beatle is...

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Blip: Shadows of the Damned [PS3]

gb-SHADOWSDAMNED July 4, 2011 (0 comments)

BLIPREVIEW: In Musicland, collaborations are kinda de rigueur. The great – Queen and Dave Bowie, Run DMC and Aerosmith, Kirsty...

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