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Red Power Ranger charged with murder in LA

Ricardo Medina Jr, as Deker the Red Ranger February 2, 2015 (17 comments)

Former red Power Ranger Ricardo Medina Jr has been arrested in Los Angeles and charged with murder after the fatal...

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2wk old baby killed for interrupting Dad’s gaming

Baby Khan Frazier December 6, 2012 (83 comments)

20-year old Brian Frazier is in custody this week, charged with the first-degree murder of his two-week old son. According...

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Man gets 27yr prison sentence for killing baby son

Andrew Johnston October 23, 2011 (1 comment)

In October last year, then-18 year old Andrew Keith Johnston's one-month old son would not stop crying while his father...

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13-year old kills baby sister for interrupting game

13-year old Crystian Rivera August 22, 2011 (23 comments)

Police called to an Oklahoma City hospital over a suspected child abuse case found something more disturbing. A nine-month-old baby...

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Boy beaten to death after breaking tv playing Wii

Black Wii remote June 21, 2011 (76 comments)

5-year old Jamar Johnson allegedly broke his family's television while playing Wii games last week. His mother, Kim Crawford became...

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Farmville implicated in Florida baby-murder case

FarmVille October 29, 2010 (2 comments)

It's all over the news - again - a young child has died, and his mother's addiction to video games...

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Teen faces murder charge after fatal game argument

law-school June 22, 2010 (1 comment)

Laurel County resident Travis Hammack has been indicted for murder by a grand jury. According to police reports, the 15...

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