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All World of Warcraft expansions now free

WorldOfWarcraft-BloodmaulSlagMineBoss October 16, 2014 (0 comments)

Warlords of Draenor is the fifth expansion set to hit World of Warcraft. To make sure gamers are...

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World of Warcraft outlines 10th anniversary gifts

World of Warcraft: Molten Corgi minipet August 7, 2014 (0 comments)

Believe it or not, World of Warcraft is shaping up for its 10th anniversary in just a few months,...

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World of Warcraft: Faction-free character hits L90

WoW: Doubleagent is now Level 90 June 23, 2014 (48 comments)

Remember Doubleagent? He's still refusing to pick a side in World of Warcraft, and is now officially the...

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Summer Series: Visiting ghosts of RPGs past

Dovahkiin Gutenberg, by Capaneus December 29, 2013 (6 comments)

Christmas is a time for giving. Christmas is a time for family. Christmas is a time for giving family the...

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Blizzard: Give the gift of Warcraft

World of Warcraft December 3, 2013 (0 comments)

The Blizzard Black Friday sale has been extended. Not just to Monday, not until the end of the week,...

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SteelSeries kicks off Mists of Pandaria sale

SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Legendary Edition Mouse September 26, 2013 (0 comments)

Can you believe that it's been a full year since Mists of Pandaria changed World of Warcraft forever?...

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World of Warcraft gets six-part animated series

WorldOfWarcraft-BurdensOfShaohao August 5, 2013 (1 comment)

Blizzard has just launched a six-part animated series telling the story of the last pandaren emperor. The Burdens of...

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World of Warcraft subscriber base drops further

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria May 8, 2013 (1 comment)

World of Warcraft's player base continues to dwindle - with publisher Blizzard confirming that the MMO has "just"...

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