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Minecraft: Redstone update, Raspberry Pi, Mods!

Minecraft-Redstone November 25th, 2012 (0 comments)

Developer Mojang has revealed that a new update for Minecraft is indeed in the works, with the serious...

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Player Attack: Season 1, Episode 22

Player Attack! August 4th, 2012 (0 comments)

This week on Player Attack, we see video games blamed for yet more violence in California. Perhaps they need...

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Minecon 2012 goes to Disneyland! (Paris)

Minecon 2012 August 2nd, 2012 (0 comments)

Not really sure what to say about this beyond the (very sparse) details we've been provided with. MINECON is...

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US Weekly questions Notch over Prince William

Notch November 20th, 2011 (1 comment)

Every now and then, it's important to remember that while our lives are so totally consumed by gaming, there are...

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Notch: “So yes, Minecraft has gone gold :D”

Minecraft has gone gold November 15th, 2011 (2 comments)

With a promised release date looming, Notch and Mojang Specifications have confirmed that Minecraft has gone gold, and...

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Minecraft convention tickets officially sold out

Minecon 2012 October 30th, 2011 (0 comments)

Not really surprised about this one: The inaugural Minecraft convention - creatively-titled MineCon - has officially sold out....

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Minecraft delayed on 360, playable at MineCon

Minecraft-Redstone October 24th, 2011 (1 comment)

Minecraft is set to break down the blocky walls and make the grand leap to Xbox 360 in the...

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