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New Xbox One update rolling out tonight

Xbox one Controller April 16th, 2014 (5 comments)

Good ol' Larry Hyrb a.k.a Major Nelson announced that owners of Microsoft's latest console will be getting access to a...

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External Storage support coming to Xbox One

Xbox-One Side View April 5th, 2014 (6 comments)

Some hope for those of you with an Xbox One who want a little more storage. Major Nelson, a.k.a Larry...

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Mandatory Xbox One console update hits today

Xbox One Logo December 11th, 2013 (2 comments)

Microsoft has let us know that there's a decent-sized update headed to Xbox One consoles later today. This is...

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Microsoft: Titanfall is not a timed exclusive

Titanfall-Twitter October 30th, 2013 (2 comments)

Ever since Titanfall was announced, gamers had been surmising that its apparent exclusivity would be a short-time-only thing. Today...

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Microsoft acquires Xbone domain

Xbox One Logo September 13th, 2013 (2 comments)

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em - Microsoft officially does not approve of the "Xbone" nickname for the...

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Xbox One won’t support external storage at launch

Xbox One Logo September 3rd, 2013 (3 comments)

The bad news keeps coming for the Xbox One, prompting many to wonder if the console's "Holiday 2013" launch is...

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Microsoft to reveal a New Generation, May 21

Mark your calendars! April 25th, 2013 (3 comments)

Mark your calendars, Microsoft is getting ready for something big. After years of speculation and rumours, the announcement of...

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Xbox 360 Minecraft delayed on way to retail

Creeper. April 15th, 2013 (2 comments)

Sorry folks, the boxed copy of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition won't be hitting shelves until June - and the...

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Microsoft counts down to E3: New console ahead?

Microsoft January 2nd, 2013 (2 comments)

If it were possible, Microsoft would have just handed a calendar to every gamer in the world, with the...

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