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MINECON heads to London in July

Minecon 2012 February 3, 2015 (0 comments)

Hey! You there! Minecraft fan! What are you doing the first weekend of July? ...if your answer is anything...

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Classic: Piano rewired to play Doom

DOOM September 18, 2013 (2 comments)

If London's Virgin Media Game Space wasn't already impressive enough, a new exhibit has taken alternative control schemes to...

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Watch_Dogs unveils WeareData initiative

WatchDogs-WeareData-London July 1, 2013 (0 comments)

As the real world gets anxious over virtual security, Watch_Dogs creeps quietly closer to release. Today's update: WeareData,...

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PREVIEW: Mario & Sonic at the London Olympics

Mario+Sonic-AtTheLondonOlympicGames November 3, 2011 (0 comments)

PREVIEW: Mario and Sonic are not new to the game mash-up genre, they've been popping up in each others' titles...

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