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2Awesome bounces back from Kickstarter fraud

DimensionDrive-horizontal May 18, 2015 (0 comments)

Last week, a troll using a stolen credit card shattered 2Awesome's crowdfunding dreams just 30 minutes before the...

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Studio devastated after €7k Kickstarter fraud

DimensionDrive-horizontal May 13, 2015 (4 comments)

Earlier today, 2Awesome Studio celebrated a generous pledge of €7,000 for their Dimension Drive Kickstarter - only...

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Transphobic content removed from Pillars of Eternity

PillarsOfEternity-Logo April 6, 2015 (0 comments)

Proving again that you can't please all the people all the time, Obsidian Entertainment is again facing gamer backlash...

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Pillars of Eternity exposes risks of crowdsourced content

PillarsOfEternity-Logo March 29, 2015 (4 comments)

Pillars of Eternity developer Obsidian Entertainment has been painfully reminded why crowd-sourced content can be a risky inclusion...

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Exploding Kittens takes out Kickstarter records

ExplodingKittens-Mushroom February 22, 2015 (0 comments)

If there was ever any doubt that the internet loves cats and games, Exploding Kittens blows it out of...

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WipeOut spiritual successor in development

IT'S LIKE CRACK FOR THE EYES! January 11, 2015 (1 comment)

If you couldn't tell, this has me super psyched! The team behind one of the greatest racing franchises...

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Godus arrives on Android hardware

godus_logo November 30, 2014 (0 comments)

Android gamers can now play at being an omnipresent deity, as Peter Molyneux's free-to-play Godus makes its debut onto...

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Tim Schafer’s Broken Age Act 2 delayed into 2015

Broken Age November 30, 2014 (0 comments)

Double Fine has confirmed that the second part of Broken Age will not be ready in time for...

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Ron Gilbert’s Thimbleweed Park fully funded

ThimbleweedPark-Roadsign November 24, 2014 (0 comments)

There was never any real question of its success, but Thimbleweed Park, a brand new point-and-click adventure game from...

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