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Player Attack: Season 1, Episode 22

Player Attack! August 4, 2012 (0 comments)

This week on Player Attack, we see video games blamed for yet more violence in California. Perhaps they need...

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Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106 out now

Dredd_screen5 July 31, 2012 (1 comment)

Backup is here: Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106 has launched onto the Apple App Store today, the interactive story...

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Countdown Sector 106: Play as Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd Countdown Sector 106 July 29, 2012 (0 comments)

Drokk! says Tin Man Games. The Australian studio is putting the finishing touches on its latest adventure game /...

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[GCAP11] Interview: Tin Man Games

Gamebook Adventures: Judge Dredd December 7, 2011 (1 comment)

Tin Man Games is an Australian development studio, based half in Melbourne and half in the UK. That great...

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Judge Dredd gamebook smacks down the Law

Gamebook Adventures: Judge Dredd November 15, 2011 (2 comments)

Judge Dredd is coming to iPhone. Australian developer Tin Man Games has just inked a deal with publisher Read More »

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