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Blizzard All-Stars is officially Heroes of the Storm

HeroesOfTheStorm-Twitter October 18, 2013 (2 comments)

Well, that's one mystery solved. Blizzard has officially announced that freshly-registered trademark Heroes of the Storm really is...

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Blizzard trademarks “Heroes of the Storm”

Blizzard All-Stars October 2, 2013 (0 comments)

With BlizzCon just a month away, Blizzard has apparently registered a brand new trademark, suggesting that the expo...

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Player Attack: Season 1, Episode 13

Player Attack! May 18, 2012 (0 comments)

This week on Player Attack, both Tomb Raider and the South Park RPG are delayed into 2013. (In...

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Player Attack: Season 1, Episode 1

Player Attack! February 17, 2012 (7 comments)

The first edition of Player Attack has arrived! We take a look at topics as diverse as Australian politics...

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Blizzard objects to Valve trademarking “DOTA”

Defense of the Ancients - Loading Screen February 9, 2012 (4 comments)

Further to this morning's news that Blizzard is planning to bring Blizzard DOTA to retail, we've now...

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Blizzard DOTA headed to standalone retail release

Blizzard's expanding portfolio, Q4 2011 February 9, 2012 (7 comments)

Blizzard DOTA is set for a retail release, if today's Activision Blizzard Q4 earnings call is to be...

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[BlizzCon 2011] PREVIEW: Diablo III

Deckard Cain from Diablo 3 November 8, 2011 (0 comments)

PREVIEW: Blizzard’s highly anticipated next release, Diablo III, has a lot to live up to. Diablo II...

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