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Australia-wide recall of Saints Row 4: Re-elected

Saints Row IV January 26, 2015 (49 comments)

Censorship dramas continue for Australia, as an uncensored version of Saints Row IV: Re-Elected for PS4 makes it...

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Good riddance Club Nintendo. It was lame anyway.

Let it go, Luigi. It's over now. January 20, 2015 (3 comments)

After a 6 year run, Nintendo are finally deciding to close down their reward / loyalty system, Club Nintendo. You...

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Aussies can’t have Hotline Miami 2? @#*$ that, pirate it!

Aussies get your Anne Bonney on! January 15, 2015 (9 comments)

In another valiant effort to protect us susceptible, easily mislead masses from ourselves, the Australian Classification Board recently refused classification...

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UPDATE: Hotline Miami 2 too offensive for Australia

Aussies get your Anne Bonney on! January 14, 2015 (25 comments)

UPDATED: An implied rape scene has made Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number too offensive for Australian audiences, says the...

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Aussie government warns against Steam malware

SteamReview-ThumbsDown January 6, 2015 (44 comments)

The Australian government has issued a warning to all Steam users, following the outbreak of online malware using the...

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Xbox launches Australian local servers

Thanks, Xbox Australia! December 16, 2014 (7 comments)

Xbox Australia's given gamers an early Christmas present with the unveiling of locally hosted Xbox Live servers, promising both...

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Remastered Borderlands accidentally revealed early

Borderlands December 11, 2014 (12 comments)

Well now, will you look at that? A Remastered Edition of Borderlands has popped up in the Australian...

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Kmart joins Target in removing GTA V from shelves

GTAV December 4, 2014 (4 comments)

Well, that escalated quickly. In a knee jerk reaction to a moral panic ignited over a petition on, another...

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