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Zombies, Run! Part 3 now available on iOs and Android

Zombies Run April 17th, 2014 (3 comments)

Do you want to get fit but lack the motivation to actually run more than 5 minutes at a time...or...

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Magic 2015 – Duel of the Planeswalkers to launch in summer

Magic: The Gathering April 11th, 2014 (2 comments)

Wizards of the Coasts yearly digital release of their immensely popular card game, Magic: The Gathering, is slated for a...

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Portal headed to Nvidia Shield handheld

Portal for Nvidia Shield March 26th, 2014 (1 comment)

Valve and Nvidia are teaming up to bring one of the most innovative games of recent years to...

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Amazon completes purchase of Double Helix Games

Amazon-SquareLogo February 7th, 2014 (1 comment)

International retail giant Amazon has purchased Double Helix Games, developer of the Xbox One reboot of Killer...

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Be careful: Minecraft for Android infected by trojan

Minecraft Pocket Edition January 16th, 2014 (4 comments)

A rogue version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android comes complete with malware that is costing gamers money every...

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Bastion, LEGO, DC mobile games on sale

Bastion-iTunesAppIcon December 20th, 2013 (3 comments)

If you haven't yet checked out the gorgeousness that is Bastion, Warner Bros thinks that is something you...

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GTA: San Andreas sets its sights on mobile

GrandTheftAuto-SanAndreas-Pink November 27th, 2013 (1 comment)

Get ready, gamers: Rockstar Games is shaping up for another big launch next month. Grand Theft Auto: San...

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Zombie augmented reality game on pizza box!

HellPizza-Logo November 22nd, 2013 (0 comments)

I think we can all agree that we thought pizza, of all things, would the last bastion for humanity. Well,...

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Xbox One SmartGlass app out for iOS, Android

SmartGlass for Xbox One November 20th, 2013 (1 comment)

Even though the Xbox One is still a couple of days away in most regions, Microsoft wants you to...

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