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Nintendo makes transferring data to New 3DS XL a pain in the ass

Even Luigi knows this is some bullshit February 10, 2015 (5 comments)

Okay, when something as simple as transferring data and content you've paid for to an new handheld requires a 4...

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Netflix developing a live-action Zelda series

Even Toon Link isn't getting his hopes up. February 8, 2015 (9 comments)

Whoa! Hold onto your horses! Epona included! The key word here, to quickly dash your hopes, is developing. The Wall...

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Puzzle & Dragons double-pack set for AU release

PuzzleAndDragons-DoublePackCover January 22, 2015 (0 comments)

That 3DS exclusive Super Mario Bros-themed adaptation of Puzzle & Dragons is coming to Australia - and it's happening...

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Good riddance Club Nintendo. It was lame anyway.

Let it go, Luigi. It's over now. January 20, 2015 (3 comments)

After a 6 year run, Nintendo are finally deciding to close down their reward / loyalty system, Club Nintendo. You...

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Nintendo Power Glove crucial to Robot Chicken

NintendoPowerGlove January 15, 2015 (4 comments)

Despite its glorious introduction in The Wizard, the Nintendo Power Glove was, from all accounts, a bit of a...

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Puzzle & Dragons is coming to 3DS, joined by Mario

PuzzleAndDragons-SuperMarioBrosLogo January 8, 2015 (0 comments)

Ridiculously-popular Japanese mobile game Puzzle & Dragons is getting a makeover and a new platform, thanks to a partnership...

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Play with new costumes in Hyrule Warriors

Alternate costumes for Hyrule Warriors December 28, 2014 (1 comment)

When Hyrule Warriors first hit shelves, a number of retailers boasted exclusive-to-them costumes, inspired by Twilight Princess, Read More »

Even more Pokémon soundtracks on iTunes!

Pokemon-OmegaRuby-AlphaSapphire-Soundtrack December 21, 2014 (0 comments)

3DS gone flat but still need a Pokémon fix? Here's an idea. You can grab the entire 160-song soundtrack...

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Leaked emails reveal new Super Mario Bros movie

Super Mario Bros, 1993 December 14, 2014 (46 comments)

There just might be something in the works to wash away the bad taste left by the 1993 Super...

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