REVIEW: Until Dawn [PS4]

Until Dawn September 28, 2015 (0 comments)

REVIEW: Until Dawn combines the use of quick-time events and a brilliant inclusion of PlayStation’s SixAxis motion control with a...

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REVIEW: Act of Aggression [PC]

Act of Aggression September 14, 2015 (0 comments)

Over the past few years there has been a real lack of good new real-time strategy games. You know the...

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REVIEW: Splatoon! [Wii U]

Splatoon-SquidAmiibo July 10, 2015 (0 comments)

Splatoon looks like it would taste delicious. It looks like it would smell delicious. I want to bathe in...

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Wish You Were Here: an EA E3 AU recap

EA-Logo-Blue July 1, 2015 (1 comment)

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3) is a three day, non-stop event full of developers and publishers showcasing their...

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The morality of GTAV (or: Why I need therapy)

Grand Theft Auto V's Isiah Friedlander June 5, 2015 (2 comments)

One of the biggest tragedies of Grand Theft Auto V is how little its moralities are spoken on. The...

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PREVIEW: Rebel Galaxy [PC]

RebelGalaxy-Greel May 18, 2015 (0 comments)

It strikes me at times, that it really doesn't take the infinite resources of a multi-million (billion?) dollar producer to...

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PREVIEW: H1Z1 [Early Access, PC]

It seems as though SOE are looking to captialize on the success of games like Day-Z May 6, 2015 (1 comment)

There's little sense dancing around the obvious. H1Z1 is very much hoping to ride the coat tails of the...

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REVIEW: Battlefield Hardline [PC]

BattlefieldHardline-HarborFreeway April 11, 2015 (0 comments)

It appears the reign of the modern military shooter is coming to an end. No, not the actual franchises (that'd...

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