FTL: Advanced Edition coming April 3rd

We've known that the rather excellent little indie game FTL was getting a free upgrade to become FTL: Advanced Edition for some time now, what we didn't know was when it would finally see the light of day.  That changed today as Subset Games have announced that FTL: Advanced Edition will release this coming Thursday, April 3rd, for both PC and iPad.

The updated game features a brand new race, the Lanius, a metallic life form that sustains themselves by absorbing minerals around them.  In game terms this means they will drain the oxygen out of any room they are based in, making them great for keeping those pesky boarding parties under control, but not so great for ships with mixed species crew.  In addition to the new race Advanced Edition also includes a third ship layout for ever species,  four new ship systems and sub-systems such as the Backup Battery, the Clone Bay and the Mind Control system, over 15 new weapons and drones, 11 new ship augmentations, and other tactical options.  Greater detail on the new ship systems and their effects can be found over on the games official website.

Also coming on April 3rd is the long mooted iPad version of the game, which will currently only run on second generation or newer iterations of Apples tablet.  It will feature all of the content of the PC version without ads or in-app purchases, along with a new interface optimised for touch screen devices and will be priced the same as its PC counterpart at $9.99.

On the PC FTL: Advanced Edition will replace the standard version of the game as a free title update, meaning if you have the game on Steam then it will automatically update when the new content is released, whilst DRM free versions from GOG.com or the Subset Games website will require you to download the game again at no additional charge.

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