Driveclub video sheds light on racing branding

The racing community is grasping eagerly at anything to do with upcoming PS4 exclusive Driveclub, so while we don't have anything new to show off, this video from late last year is still well worth watching.

Intriguingly, this is not a trailer for the game. Instead, it's a branding video distributed to entrants in a film competition, which explains why there's so much focus on branding elements and the way to present certain information.

It would be too easy to just snag the footage directly from the game and post it in all its perfect, polished glory, so this provides a quick behind-the-scenes glimpse of how Sony is applying visual effects and editing in order to make the HD game look even more real. There's details in here on deliberate imperfections, the inclusion of film grain, playing with saturation and depth of field, focus tricks and even a way of adjusting footage to make it look like it had been filmed on a GoPro.

Driveclub was planned as a PS4 launch title, but was pushed back to an unspecified date some time in 2014. We'll keep you posted, but Sony is being worryingly quiet.

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