Dead Rising 3: DLC delayed to January 21st

Microsoft has confirmed that you won't find any Dead Rising 3 DLC under the Christmas tree. Operation Broken Eagle won't be launching until January 21st, a few weeks after the promised December 24th date.

The DLC throws you - Spec Ops Commander Adam Kane - into a mission to capture the missing President of the United States. There's also five new weapons, one new combo weapon, new clothing, a new vehicle and the inevitable extra gamerscore. Plus all the experience you earn in Operation Eagle will carry back over to the main Dead Rising 3 campaign.

So. Why the delay? Microsoft explains that it's not just taking a few weeks off to relax over Christmas:

Adding new content to the massive open world of Los Perdidos is a major undertaking, and to ensure we provide the best possible experience for players, we are putting a few additional weeks of polish and testing into the episode before it’s released.

This is just the first chunk of DLC for Dead Rising 3 - there are three other expansions planned as well: Fallen Angel, Chaos Rising and The Last Agent. You can snap 'em all up now for $30 (buy three, get one free!) as part of the Season Pass - otherwise, they're $10 each.

Want to know what this fuss is about, but not sure you'll like the game? Grab the Dead Rising 3 demo, out now on Xbox One.

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