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Contraption Maker upgrades itself to Alpha 3

Contraption Maker has been updated to Alpha 3 - so if you've got the game via Steam Early Access, your game will update automagically, bringing all manner of cool new things with it. If you don't have the new game from the creators of The Incredible Machine, why not?

Contraption Maker

Contraption Maker

According to the developers, here's what's in store:

  • New Parts: A grab bag of new parts, including lasers! Wire up your contraptions in interesting ways with lasers and their associated parts.
  • New Beginner Puzzles: 10 new beginner puzzles will help you get into the puzzle solving excitement.
  • Additional Scenery Pieces: The forest and underwater scenery sets have new pieces to decorate your contraptions with.
  • Usability Improvements: Lots of usability and UI fixes make part handling less frustrating. Improved rope & belt selection is just one of the many fixes waiting for you.
  • Additional Bug Fixes: A whole list of bug fixes to go along with everything else.

Want more bug fixes? Here's the full list, with Spotkin developers promising this new update includes ropes and belts that are "much less frustrating". A new big release is due out next month, but for now, enjoy the latest Contraption Maker, out now via Steam Early Access for both PC and Mac.

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