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Wait, what? Fable Anniversary is R18+ in Australia

When Fable hit the original Xbox back in 2004, the game was recommended for mature audiences in Australia, due to medium level animated violence. Now, nearly 10 years later, Fable: Anniversary has been given an R18+ classification - despite simply being an HD remastered version of the same game. The reason? "Sexual activity related to incentives or rewards".

The Australian M classification is a non-age-restricted rating that signifies content of "moderate impact", recommended to teenagers aged 15 years and over. The Australian R18+ rating is restricted to adult gamers aged 18 and over, featuring "high impact" content. While the game classification guidelines have been adjusted somewhat over the past decade, we don't think there's enough reason for a game to jump two classifications without raising a few eyebrows.

We are waiting on a response from the Classification Board, hoping they can shed some light on just what this sexual activity is, and how it fits into the game. Fable fans are wondering if the new rating is tied to the fact that characters can pair up and have children, through an implied in-game sexual relationship.

No judgement here on whether children really are an "incentive or reward", but if that really is the reason for the R18+ rating, it seems a bit of a stretch.

Fable Anniversary is set for release in February 2014.

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11 Responses to “Wait, what? Fable Anniversary is R18+ in Australia”

  1. Deaglan says:

    Haven’t played this game in years, but I seem to remember a part of the game where there was a brothel in the middle of some swamp somewhere. From memory, you could “work” in the brothel (dressed up as a woman?) as part of some side quest. Maybe that’s the sexual activity related to rewards they are talking about?

    • Jessica Citizen says:

      That would make far more sense than the baby theory! It’s also entirely possible that there’s a part of the game that was removed for Australian audiences that was never widely publicised. Hmm. Looks like more investigation is required – thanks for the tip! :)

  2. […] Australian Classification Board has sent over its report, and the adults-only rating for Fable Anniversary apparently has nothing to do with children at all (which is reassuring, […]

  3. Undead-Night says:

    The Reward they are talking about would be the demon door that requires you too sleep with a certain amount of people before it will open therefor sex for a reward.

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