Minecraft blamed as boy takes weapons to school

A nine-year old boy has been sentenced to home confinement after reportedly taking multiple weapons - including a handgun, a steak knife and a sledgehammer - to school. The boy's father claims his son was acting out a character he learned in a video game: Minecraft, a game that is used as a learning tool in many schools.

A wolf, in Minecraft


The boy gloated to his friends at school about having the weapons, which he took from his father's home. The friends then reported him to a teacher, who called the authorities. Police charged the boy with possession of a concealed weapon, possession of a firearm on school grounds and possession of a firearm by a minor. The boy's father reports that the gun could never be fired, as its firing pin had been removed, but that didn't stop the 9yr old from knowing where the firearm - and the magazine full of bullets - could be found.

The boy's father also told local media WFTV that video games - including Minecraft - were no longer allowed in his house.

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13 Responses to “Minecraft blamed as boy takes weapons to school”

  1. Matthew Sharpe says:

    Minecraft could very well have played a part in the boy’s decisions but I would think the better lesson to learn from this is to lock up guns so nine year olds don’t have unsupervised access! Dad wouldn’t even need to speak to his child regarding his actions… but that might be a start, too.

  2. Mr Tumnus says:

    Regardless what the boy has been watching or playing or doing…. guns are cool… … The kid must have just wanted to show something cool to his friends who have also been brought up in a materialistic culture… … But like… … Video games… …. nah… … just get your f**ken kid a bike dammit.

  3. Jarred says:

    And what game influenced the parent leaving a gun laying around the the house and a mag full of bullets ….the parents should be blammed for this not the games ….i play battlefield 3 all the time you don’t see me running around shooting people and calling for a medic and place landmines in the middle of the road…parents just have no clue and just hearing about this article is just ridiculous…if you were real parents you would spend time with your kids at age 9 and find out what they actually like to do …not just making skeptic remarks about games you never played.

  4. Charlie says:

    How about the thousands of children who play Minecraft and DO NOT take dangerous stuff to school as a result, and in most cases.. wait for it…. learn something from the game.
    People really need to think before spewing stupid stuff. Games aren’t the cause for violence. People who allow games to be the parents and babysitters are the culprits. Also mentally unbalanced people who are unable to differentiate between real and fantasy.
    Honestly…. some folks really need to grow a set and start accepting responsibility instead of allways looking to blame someone or something for someone elses stupidity or even honest mistake.

  5. MC says:

    Minecraft dosent have guns or knifes. If the kid brought a sword, spade, and pick axe to school then sure, blame Minecraft.

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