WoW gold farmer settles $75k insurance case

The Australian World of Warcraft fan accused of insurance fraud has come to an "undisclosed settlement" with her insurer. Katrina Fincham was a gold farmer making more than $700 per day from the game, and back in 2008, converted $75,000 worth of her earnings into real gold. There's nothing wrong with that, but then the gold was stolen, and the insurer believed it was an inside job.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

In 2008, gold bullion was an unusual but not unwise investment to make (since then, the price has dropped significantly). Ms Fincham was running a legitimate business, registered with the Australian government and paying all appropriate taxes. By day, Ms Fincham worked as a nurse, and overnight she would log long hours in Azeroth performing mindless tasks so other gamers didn't have to.

Ms Fincham left the gold in a wall safe inside her Adelaide home when she took a vacation to the beach, taking her boyfriend with her. While she was away, the house was robbed - three times - and the wall safe and all its contents stolen.

While the gold was insured for the correct value, Ms Fincham's insurer refused to pay up. AAMI accused Ms Fincham of engineering the robbery, and of deliberately converting virtual cash into gold so that it could be easily stolen from a physical location.

Understandably, Ms Fincham took the insurer to court. AAMI counter-sued, claiming it was an inside job.

Turns out: It was, but not in the way AAMI thought. Ms Fincham's boyfriend - whom she'd met online - had tipped off the thieves while away interstate. His reward for helping a $75,000 heist? A mere $500.

The court case cost Ms Fincham her house, car and job - but now it has been dismissed following an out-of-court settlement.

AAMI's legal counsel advised the Judge that both parties have agreed to certain confidential terms, and "the matter has resolved". Neither Ms Fincham's lawyer or AAMI commented further.

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