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Diablo III shares details of 12 months of gaming

It has been one year since Diablo III hit shelves - and from a shaky, unpleasant start, we've seen Blizzard hack'n'slash rise up to become one of the highest-selling PC games of all time. To celebrate its anniversary, Blizzard rounded up a whole bunch of statistics and put them all into this neat little infographic, so you can see what the past year actually meant.

Diablo III Infographic

Click for the full-size, fully detailed version

14.5 million unique gamers have played Diablo III since launch, with 2.1 million logging in every day on average. Of the 67.1 million characters created, just 9% are using hardcore mode. Each of those characters kill an average of 49,595 monsters.

In a beautiful - and surprising - statistic, the three Battle.net regions are remarkably evenly represented in the global population, with 22.2 million players from the Americas, 22.1 from Europe, and 22.9 from Asia.

Each mouse click is reportedly just 0.00142 calories. While that adds up to more than 4.7 billion calories in the last year, remember that's spread over 14.5 million people: If you were thinking about gaming to lose weight, Diablo III might not be the best way to go.

(Meanwhile, where's our expansion pack?)

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