Something a little funny and Pointless for Friday

Well we don't normally post things like this but the boss is currently out getting some new content for Player Attack TV. So as the worlds largest mouse I am out to play.

As a gamer have you ever wondered what is wrong with you, well now thanks to the Revival Fellowship you can find out. I'm sure there is a lot of science behind it.

But its only a game

Thanks for our reader Sid for sending this in.

Anyway I'm curious what the impact of gaming has had on you. I for one have made a great bunch of friends, with a wicked sense of humor (im sure the Revival Fellowship don't like the wicked bit).

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6 Responses to “Something a little funny and Pointless for Friday”

  1. Kingsley Foreman says:

    More points if you can tell me what game that image is from.

  2. Ashlar says:

    It’s from Puzzle Bobble.

  3. Shadowrunner says:

    Bloody Griefers, always trying to block

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I'm what you get when you cross a Pig and an Elephant. I like Video Games, Video, and tormenting small creatures. Twitter me, Punkley

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