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Suda51 appropriately aroused by PlayStation 4

We've come to expect a lot from Killer is Dead mastermind Suda51, but his love for the PlayStation 4 takes his eccentricity to new heights. Confirming the exciting news that Grasshopper Manufacture will be making games for the new platform, Suda-san admits that he finds Sony's hardware a bit of a turn on.


Suda51 is deadly serious

Suda-san wrote his latest column for Famitsu shortly after watching the big reveal of the PlayStation 4, and the press conference seems to have dictated his thoughts, as translated by Edge.

Describing the current state of play, where social networking has become "totally commonplace", Suda looks to the future.

To be able to play anywhere, on any device, with shared data – this will be an alluring new feature for games. You’ll have your own personal profile or ID that you can access from many different devices and enjoy your game from anywhere, in various different ways.

This style of gameplay is "futuristic enough", he observes, but the Next Big Thing to hit gaming is the inclusion of internet-based cloud features.

Cloud saving becoming standard practice is an evolution in itself. It will add new value and will surely result in new ways to play. Thinking about the future of this stuff and then constructing and outputting something appealing is our job as game designers, and from that challenge we can take new strength.

And that makes me horny.

Grasshopper Manufacture, parent company GungHo Online Entertainment and sister company Acquire are all planning games for the PS4, which Suda does not elaborate on. Instead, he seems thrilled by working out how to live up to the strong vision presented by Sony - figuring out "how to find our own victories within that", and creating the most Grasshopper-appropriate titles.

His reaction to the challenge? "That makes me horny again."

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