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2K officially grapples WWE rights from THQ

2K Games has proudly announced that it has won the rights to an exclusive, multi-year deal with WWE to distribute the critically acclaimed wrestling video game franchise "across all major platforms and distribution channels". The news confirms what we'd heard last week, which is that the publisher picked up the series following the demise of THQ.

WWE '13

WWE '13

It's really only the publisher that has changed, too. Japanese developer Yuke's will continue to work on the games, designed to "combine the studio's signature gameplay with 2K's commitment to authenticity" - and we can expect WWE '14 to arrive next year, the latest iteration in the super-popular series.

David Ismailer, Chief Operating Officer for 2K explains:

The WWE series is a great addition to our stable of triple-A titles, and we’re very happy with this exclusive agreement with our new partners. We look forward to capturing the excitement of WWE and marrying it with the same commitment to authenticity and entertainment that we give to our NBA 2K and MLB 2K franchises.

The WWE franchise is in safe hands: 2K Games has a strong (long) history of growing premier sports titles - selling more than 15 million units worldwide of games like NBA 2K11, NBA 2K12 and NBA 2K13 to date.

Casey Collins, Executive Vice President, Consumer Products for WWE continues:

2K’s reputation for outstanding quality and dedication to authenticity are a perfect fit for WWE. This new partnership will ensure that WWE continues to be one of the leading video game brands in the world and we look forward to continuing the franchise with the benefit of their expertise across a variety of platforms.

There's no release date, or too many details, for WWE 14 at this stage, but rest assured, it's the "most authentic WWE experience on game consoles", and it's headed your way befor the end of 2013.

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