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Warcraft movie scores Source Code director

In today's news from Hollywood, a new director has been attached to the long-delayed Warcraft film project. Duncan Jones, director of Source Code and Moon, has signed up to the big-budget film, a live-action adaptation of the Blizzard gaming franchise.

Warcraft Movie concept art: The World Tree

Still the only piece of concept art we've seen from the film

We have been waiting for good news on this project for years. Last year we learned that Charles Leavitt was on board to write the film's super-secret script, but following Sam Raimi's departure, the film was director-less.

It's a big jump for Jones, who has previously worked mostly in sci-fi and indie films and - until relatively recently - was known more as "David Bowie's son" than for his cinematic credentials. To date, his largest project was the 2011 time-traveller Source Code, which cost US$35 million to produce. In comparison, the estimated budget for Warcraft is somewhere higher than US$100 million.

Hollywood Reporter explains that Stuart Fenegan, Jones' producing partner, will take on the executive producer role, while Chris Metzen will co-produce things from Blizzard's side.

Legendary Pictures, who has been involved since the beginning, is now planning on starting filming before the end of the year, eyeing off a release some time in 2015.

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