Limited Edition: Tomb Raider Xbox 360 controller

Unsure which platform is best for the new Tomb Raider experience when it hits in March? From where we're standing, Xbox 360 has just nudged into the lead, unveiling a limited edition wireless controller inspired by the game's adventurous streak.

Tomb Raider Limited Edition Wireless Xbox 360 Controller

Tomb Raider Limited Edition Wireless Xbox 360 Controller

Created in collaboration with Crystal Dynamics, the new controller is described as "the perfect commemorative companion" to mark Lara Croft's return to the Xbox 360 (we're not sure what you should do to celebrate her reappearance on PlayStation 3, by the way).

Featuring a two-layer colour finish, the controller has been laser-etched to create a "realistic and tactile worn appearance", which draws inspiration from Lara's climbing axe and even the tourniquets she uses in the brand new Tomb Raider.

As well as just looking good, the new controller also features a nifty, customisable D-pad - switch easily between a "plus" design and a "disc" pattern, offering better control over your gaming. Plus, there's a wireless range of up to 30ft (9 metres) that means you don't have to sit quite so close to your tv as you explore the game.

Sound good to you? The controller will be available from February 21st, so you can get properly acquainted with it before the game launches on March 5th. As further incentive to pick it up on Xbox 360, future Tomb Raider DLC releases will be available first on Microsoft's media platform.

...and if all that isn't enough for you, Microsoft and Crystal Dynamics have one more surprise for you. The Tomb Raider Limited Edition Wireless Controller also comes with a download token for an Xbox 360-exclusive playable character: The devious Scavenger Archer.

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