2wk old baby killed for interrupting Dad’s gaming

20-year old Brian Frazier is in custody this week, charged with the first-degree murder of his two-week old son. According to police reports, Frazier was pulling an all-night gaming session when baby Khan "got fussy" at around 5am.

Frustrated at the interruption to his gaming, Frazier reportedly grabbed the baby by the neck and punched him in the face. The baby - according to prosecutors - then "went back to sleep", and later died of his injuries.

Brian Frazier and Stefany Ash

Brian Frazier and Stefany Ash

Both Frazier and his 20-year old girlfriend Stefany Ash woke up at around 2pm the following afternoon and reportedly discussed covering up Khan's death, even conspiring to tell police the baby had been kidnapped. Ash finally called 911 about an hour later, and police questioned the couple. Frazier is now charged with first-degree murder, while Ash faces accessory after the fact charges.

Ash and Frazier reportedly had an abusive relationship and lived "in filth" according to Ash's stepfather Brian Alston. He describes the house as "littered" with soiled diapers, empty soda cans and food scraps. Ash's mother Sandra Alston defended her daughter, claiming Stefany had recently undergone a C-section procedure and was "unable" to clean her house.

The local North Carolina Department of Social Services had visited the Frazier/Ash home prior to the child's death, raising questions why Khan - or his 15-month old brother Kane - were still living in such squalid conditions. Kane his now in the custody of child protective services.

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83 Responses to “2wk old baby killed for interrupting Dad’s gaming”

  1. Matt says:


    • Ziad says:

      You’re DISGUSTING to make a joke out of this. That’s all.

      • Matt says:

        That kid would’ve never contributed to society. That kind of family structure is what’s wrong with America… I bet the highest degree of work either one of those people could accomplish would be a cashier at walmart and even then it sounds like the Holy grail for them. I can guarantee the child was a accident to start with so with his death he has been spared all the bullshit he would’ve likely had to deal with in his lifetime… hell, I wish I had the honor. I don’t feel bad for the kid at all… just consider it post-birth abortion and that should make it sound a little more socially acceptable considering if it’s done before birth it’s absolutely A-OK. As far as video games go towards the death of this child, all I have to say is that it depends on what game he was playing… If it was COD everyone can agree that you’ve felt the rage that it brings on if your having a poor kill streak or some bullshit transpires that either automatically makes you put in the Rage Quit code “Start, up, A or X” or makes you hulk out. You know that part of video games exist… once that gets activated though it’s up to the individual person to control it. I’ve thrown my far share of Snes controllers at TV’s in my youth.

        • Gio says:

          Someone who says that a kid getting killed is ok because he “wouldn’t contribute to society” or because “rage quits are common” is a plain sore loser.

          But don’t worry, I won’t threaten to kill you even if you are useless to society, some may, but it doesn’t work that way. Maybe the Hitman app.

          I raged quite a lot in my life (especially while 100%ing Super Mario Bros 3) but I would have never took my GBA and throw it at my little sister.

          It doesn’t friggin work that way. Useless.

          • Matt says:

            I’m just about as useless as you… I’ll proudly admit to that :). You seem to have missed my whole point entirely… I never said anything about killing kids as being ok. The whole thing I was hitting at was that he’s been sparred from this god awful world. You can look at the mug shots up top and come to the conclusion that their not going to win any awards for good parenting. I’m extremely vain on these subjects… I can find humor in it. Am I proud of it… not really, do I care about it… no. I’m doing my part for society by not reproducing… not that I’m hideously ugly or anything like that but because I hate the way the world works and I refuse to bring another creature into it.

            Here’s a visual for you…

            Guys playing COD in a dirty ass house at 2 in the morning… Baby starts crying. Guys so into the game he tries blocking it out. Gets a couple kills then starts on his losing streak. All the while the baby is still crying in the background… His fat ass wife starts bitching in the background. He dies… gets butthurt and he’s first response is to punch a baby in the face.

            Imagine the Oh shit face.

            • Gio says:

              You’re very pessimistic, and don’t answer back saying you’re “realistic”, as that can really depend from people to people.

              I can understand some of your thoughts as results of pessimism, and sometimes I wish I could joke on this too, instead of felling sad every time the news are on TV.

              I believe this world isn’t “god awful”, I think you can always see something positive for every negative thing that happens in life.

              • Matt says:

                To be honest your not the first one to call me pessimistic.. that pleasure belongs to a ex. Am I this sad emo kid sitting in a dark room slitting my wrists listening to fall out boy thinking everything is doom and gloom all the time… hell no. I don’t know why that strikes me so much… maybe I don’t like to be categorized like brands on a store shelf or maybe it’s just that ex shit. Who knows…

                I have my own thoughts and opinions on things… one main thing a see coming is that hypothetical “END OF THE WORLD” which really should be “END OF THE KNOWN WORLD”. I’m talking mainstream shutdown… just the power grid failing alone would be enough to plunge us into that. Does that linger in the back of my head… somedays, yes but most of the time I have to wish for it. “IT” being a return to a more basic life… one for which I’ll have to find within all the social melt down bound to happen.

                There’s my positive :)

                All this from Trolling… I have my name plastered on it but it’s so generic it might as well say anonymous

                • Ziad says:

                  So you’re an anonymous loser, good to know ;) Now shut the fuck up already, you keep making yourself look like an idiot the more you talk.

                  • Matt says:

                    Lol ya… Everyone on the internet is an idiot at some point. I bet you have pictures on your facebook with a popped collar and the guido hair pump maybe you holding a liquor bottle too. Probably have to jerk off because no one will lay you because of your Oompa Loompa spray on tan. That seems like the visual for someone of your intellect… I highly doubt anyone proper looking would just bash in randomly spurting out accusations like that just to feel like they accomplished something. Now shut the fuck up :)

    • Glenn says:

      epic comment xD

  2. Beast says:

    He will get what he deserves in Prison. He wont make it 2 weeks in Prison withtout getting his teeth knocked out. HE will be someones lil **** in the shower rooms.

  3. Josh says:

    This is the kind of story that gives gamers a bad name.

    • Az says:

      Actually this is the kind of story that gives humanity a bad name. It doesn’t matter what this carbon dioxide producing waste of space was doing at the time. He’s not a gamer, he’s a baby killer. That’s the only label he needs.

  4. xino says:

    this is exactly the proof why gaming can be bad for you.
    just because you wouldn’t do something like this guy did, doesn’t justify that gaming has no subconscious effects on humans.

    it does!
    and these kinds of news proves it.

    a 2 week old baby! wtf man
    obviously at that week old, babies usually wake up random times!
    until the baby is over a month old is when the baby starts to develop fixed sleep time, but at 2 week old means the baby would wake up random time.

    Yea the guy needed time to unwind and to be free to play, but to rage out at the baby is wrong and proves what gaming does to you!

    both parent should be charged!
    the dad killed the baby and mom is trying to cover up for him.
    just kids man…bloody kids!
    not fit to be parents yet

    • Ethan says:

      Games had nothing to do with this. The guy could have been reading a book and still done it. There is no proof for anything. He is obviously an angry loser. Get over your hate for video games. Conspiracy theories like yours, just make you sound idiotic.

    • carlos says:

      stfu, games hav enothing to with it, they were obviously troubled individuals. Gaming doesnt do that to you, your rage issues come from within and if anything, it was the baby that stirred them up, not the game.

    • peppermint_patty_69 says:

      You fucking cretin. This has nothing to do with computer games and EVERYthing to do with the broken brain that waste of air and space had rattling around in his thick skull.

      As other’s have rightly pointed out.

      ANYthing could have triggered this monster’s outburst. ANYTHING. Don’t pass the buck onto computer games. The obvious here, is that his brain is broken, he is mentally unstable, probably has a history of violence and unstable behaviour.

      Scapegoats stop people from looking into the real answers of mental health. What happened to just plain crazy, these days ? Everyone wants to blame SOMEone/thing for other’s actions.

      How about he was just fucking mental from birth ? Born like it y’know ? Only a matter of time before his brain flipped upside down and sadly, so so sadly, it has killed a small child.

      The punishment shouldn’t be jail for this cunt. It won’t work. His punishment should be brain investigation, whilst he is awake obviously. You can get aesthetic that will numb his head but keep him fully alert and awake.

      Keep probing and removing bits of his broken brain until you get some answers from it. He can;t be fixed, so just keep probing until he eventually dies. Throw the body to the pigs or whatever use can be found from it.

      Unless you’re just tolling…if so, well trolled :D

    • PantherDST says:

      Get real… How many babies were “Shook to Death” because some adult was frustrated with their crying. This individual would have done the same thing had games not been involved. It could have been his favorite TV show, Music, or telephone call.

      Videos games are not a contributing factor. Mental Stability is however…

      • Joe says:

        Mental Stability may well be – but the last time I checked every time I made a bad choice, I couldn’t blame it on mental instability. There is no normal, but there is a wrong. If this man is mentally well, this man was a monster because he chose to become one.

  5. Billy Santos says:

    Games DID have something to do with this whether you people like it or not.That’s the way it is. Whoever said he could have done the same if he were reading a book is an idiot. Video gaming demands your total attention and allows you to lose track of time and surroundings. Video games also hype you up and stimulate your body making you more aroused and hyper, I know this from experience. Yes, this guy was a nut case, but video gaming at such a late hour is one factor that contributed to his actions. Anyone who disagrees is simply in denial.

    • peppermint_patty_69 says:

      Shut up dick. Don’t tell other people what you think they know. ” Anyone who disagrees is simply in denial ” fuck off. Who gave YOU all seeing knowledge for others ? You know as little as everyone else here, so don’t go pushing your pseudo science quakery OPINION onto others, as if it’s fact.

    • Meko says:

      I have to agree with you… I am NOT saying that games are to blame. But if that dude would have just been reading a book, I don’t think he would have flown off the handle. My brother is mentally unstable. He doesn’t freak out when you interrupt his comic book reading, but you interrupt his COD, the controller will fly at your fucking head… The fact that everyone is getting sooooo defensive over someone placing “blame” just goes to show the kind of control that games have over people

      • Billy Santos says:

        @ peppermint_patty_69 Hahaha thanks for the laugh! You prove my point that video games have control over people.

        @ Meko Yeah video games are not the sole reason why this happened obviously the guy is a nutcase, but certain factors trigger different people off in certain ways. Some more than others. I agree with what you said with your last point. You’re totally right just look at the response of peppermint_patty_69.

        • Meko says:

          Smh, all the cursing and name calling… It makes me laugh that most of the “gamers” can’t have an adult discussion about this without having to resort to trying to belittle someone with curse words and slanders… It’s the exact same as saying guns kill people. No, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. The fun just makes it a HELL of a lot easier to do so… Calm down gamers, if you haven’t hurt anyone for interrupting your game, this isn’t directed at you… Lol…

          • Joe says:

            The fact that he commited this atrocity when his gaming was interrupted is not a reflection on gaming – but on his character. If somebody already has the capacity to murder a child at two weeks of age, his own son no less – he certainly has the capacity to do so without the assistance of an interrupted video game session – the suggestion that he could have been reading a book is completely valid, I know I’ve been absorbed in books, listening to music, hell, even sitting in the quiet, and while my response at interruption may be annoyance – his response was completely and utterly reprehensible. He is unworthy of the remainder of his sordid, wretched existence – and any outrage here should be directed at him, not at his suggested trigger.

            And your brother, even if he is mentally unstable and reacts badly to gaming interruption, may throw the controller at your head – but not bury it into your skull – you know him, not I, but I’m sure he’s better than this comparison.

            • Meko says:

              I appreciate your adult response first off. Secondly, and again, I am not in anyway blaming his actions on the video game or saying that the reason why he acted so evilly was because of it. BUT there is PROOF, in so many homes of families that I know personally, where one parent completely neglects their family/responsibility because of video games. Granted, if video games didn’t exist, the problem may still exist, but the simple fact is, they do, and the problem is very real.

              • me says:

                You say it may exist bit before gaming babies were killed for other reason one being watching tv(which also has happened recently)… you say your brother gets angry with gaming but for others its reading a book, cooking,being on the phone,watching tv… you cant base your experience on everyone…if you studied abnormal psychology like i did you would know that… from what i get from what little i get from the article the guy was using gaming as an escape from his bad life and the baby was taking him back to reality

              • Ziad says:

                Meko, it is like leaving your kid to sit and read comics ALL day or watch TV ALL day or leave them in their room listening to music ALL day… of course THAT type of behavior is bad. A few hours of an intense film or game does NOT make normal people into crazy people. Games have music AND interactive visuals so obviously that is why they are MORE engaging and take more attention than other media / art…. but they are still a form of art… if you played the more artistic games you’d know… it’s not just violence. And I should also point out to you that millions if not billions of people play ALL kinds of games and even the very violent ones and NEVER do anything like this. One more SIMPLE fact… ANYONE distracted by videogames, work, music, a TV show, a movie, a book, a dream….. ANYTHING, anyone can get upset when someone distracts them. The level of anger has to do with the person. If you know someone who has an anger issue let them know and they can work on it. The best gamers.. athletes, and humans in general actually in my opinion know and have learned from experience or education that getting angry or frustrated at ANYTHING will make you lose focus of the target. It’s better to stay positive so you can focus on doing better next time.. So yea, if you know someone who gets angry try to tell them to remember what I just said. Or heck.. ask Michael Jordan for example… check out this video~


                • Ziad says:

                  But yea believe me I understand your opinion, I’ve played shooters online like Call of Duty and obviously it is NOT a place for young children to be because people are saying bad words all the time but it’s the PARENT’s fault for LETTING their children play online games with adults in the first place… No real parent would let their 12 year old kid go online and talk to strangers, PERIOD. Let alone play a war game. It’s the same thing that has been said for years though.. it is the PARENTS that have to do the parenting, don’t blame the amazing film KILL BILL or any violent film for a child’s behavior. It’s the parent’s job to raise the child.. not a piece of art that wasn’t MEANT for a child. And as for the adults, again it all has to do with self control and strong minds. Obviously some people don’t have those things.. only MORE education / therapy / some kind of help from a friend can help then. Turning off a videogame won’t do the trick.. because the person is STILL unstable….

                  • Dakunclear says:

                    Just to let you know I’m a psychologist, so before you think video games is the cause since he was awake for so long, the crying probably let some chemical in balance off in his brain causing him to snap. Also note that he could of done this watching a movie or reading a book, if they are both in thralling items that he is reading or watching could set it him off. This is just like saying religion and oil doesn’t start wars, but in retrospect most wars are started because of religion or oil

              • Joe says:

                Thanks =] I appreciate your appreciation, and you’re being nice.

                Gotta say though, I don’t think that this problem is because of video games themselves, I think it’s because of the way these particular people approach them. If someone thinks that video games are more important than looking after their children, there’s something wrong with ’em – plain and simple.

                When Rock N’ Roll was born, I’m sure there was a hell of a lot of people saying ‘goddamn (insert terrible thing) happened the other day because someone was listening to that evil music’. It’s one of the things that comes with a new medium, that’s how I explain a lot of people’s attitude towards them.

                So they are a new medium, but they share things with fiction in general. Stories about killing each other have been passed down since the dawn of man and moving some analogues and pressing buttons takes you no closer to the actuality than watching a movie or writing a story about it does.

                The way I see it, these people make choices- and they make the wrong ones. Because they have issues with responsibility, because they have issues with their own lives and seek more, because it’s easier to be awesome on a game than it is in reality – and the person who spawned this article, because they had a lack of humanity. I’m sure there’s a lot of other armchair psychological analysis I could give you but the point I was making is that you can’t blame the fact that someone has an alternative that’s awesome for why they do terrible things or why they flake on responsibilities – they are responsible for their own actions and the choice is never made for them.

                And hell, if you know people who neglect their children, call social services, or slap the parent who does the neglecting as hard as you can.

                Some people of last generation neglected their children because they liked armchairs more than them, because they liked the radio more than them, because they were self serving bastards with an inability to see what was right, to see necessity or responsibility. The generation before them had their vices and so on.

                If a man addicted to cocaine broke into my home and stole my tv, I do not blame cocaine – the fact that this man is addicted to cocaine certainly helped drive him to his action, but I don’t blame addiction, I blame this man.

                If we call game addiction the issue, and it’s not as chemically mind altering as hard drugs, I can back you up more, but –

                It’s not the drug, it’s the people.

                • DD says:

                  Hello everyone, just to let everyone know that my husband and I bought our son the playstation 2 for christmas in 2007 first game we bought…we where in the livingroom with all three of our children and our grandbaby which was 6 months old not realizing that the baby was watching everyone play all a sudden he was acting very strange we thought he was tired we put him in his car seat and went to my moms for christmas he had fallen a sleep in the truck… but when he woke up he went into a secure we rushed him to the hospital they told us he had a stroke…on the worning of the box on the play station we found where it said causion may cause secures…remind you he was only 6 months old and had a stoke…video games does trigure nurves in the brain…living proof!!!!!!

      • Joe says:

        I’ve just re-read the comment you were agreeing with – and while what I say still stands, I realized that you’re saying more ‘games had something to do with it’ and less ‘games made him do it’ – I agree, the game had something to do with it and yeah, all the blame is still his.

        Same as if someone says this man loved his copy of Romeo and Juliet, someone accidentally spilled ink all over it, the man is now a murderer. Yeah, the book had something to do with it, but the man is to be blamed.

        As another comment said, he’s a child murderer, not a gamer. Even if he was once a gamer, we, the gamers, cast him out.

        Either way, had I a straight shot at this child murderer’s head now with a weapon found in one of my favorite games, I would not hesitate to pull the trigger.

        Maybe that’s because I’m desensitized thanks to my games, movies, music, books and TV.

        Maybe it’s because thanks to these things, my upbringing and my other experiences, I am more sensitive to justice.

        On that dramatic note – thanks for the conversation ;), and again, please, if there are children in need, do what you can to help them out, even ass kicking you learned from games or channeled anger as a result of playing them.

        Peace be with that kid and his Brother.

        And goodnight =]

        • Meko says:

          I am a mother, so I would NEVER hesitate to call CPS if the situation needed it. I am nor will never turn a blind eye to child neglect… Thank you for your conversation, what you said made alot of sense, and I think we were kind of on the same page of a very different book. :)

    • Colby says:

      This person was obviously FUCKING INSANE and games only made him do this because he was mentally fucked up. The only thing that you cab get from this is that if you are crazy as hell, you shouldn’t play games.

  6. Tyler says:

    He was probably playing Call of Duty. Halo fans would never do this.

  7. anon says:

    This is why white trash shouldnt be allowed to have children

  8. JimboJonesIV says:

    The game was a factor, albeit a minor one. People can rage at the ivory tower of gaming being besmirched, but an engaging behaviour being interrupted combined with this fellows obviously violent nature are what lead to this event.

    Making video games 100% illegal would not stop this guy from finding some other outlet, and becoming violent there, but denying all culpability is too simple. The guy could have done this if he were reading a book, if he really liked books. He could have snapped while arranging his seashell collection. But in this case it was games, so the game does hold a part in the event, whether it was Modern Warfare or Barbie Horses.

  9. Donald says:

    This has nothing to do with a video game and the way he acted. He could have been sleeping woke up and did the same thing.. Are you going to says because he was in a deep sleep and woke up that it must have been the sleep that made him do it? Get real. People just have anger issues. He could have been doing so many other things and the end result would have been the same. If he was reading a book would you blame the book for causing this? .I don’t fucking think so. Just because he happened to be playing a video game it gets blamed on the game. Whoever commented on this being because of a video game is a complete fucking moron.

  10. xino says:

    this is the problem with this world.
    and from these angry users replies here justifies how people ‘worship’ gaming so much.
    When something is so OBVIOUS about a crisis caused by gaming, because they worship Games and Games is their god, they will define the games.

    why did those two have a child instead? at that young age? because of the amount of sexual filth they see on tv! And to see people killing each other over a game, proves the problem is from games.

    a good example- Demon Soul or Ninja Gaiden. People rage over those games when they “die”, they rage till they smash their controller to bits.
    And the users here are telling me games has nothing to do with rage.

    Ha…..keep lying to yourselves and telling yourselves that games has nothing to do with killing.
    The amount of killing and BLOOD in games doesn’t have anything with Human reaction to react in the same way as the game impacted/influenced them?

    • Ziad says:

      Do you know know many people play games?? How many men AND women? Do you know how many of these people are crazy like this man? yes, there are a lot of crazy people out there, but there are a lot more SANE people out there. You can’t blame games. YES, games are VERY involved so they take your FULL focus… because they include sound, visuals, and even vibration / feeling. So you are TOTALLY immersed. But that doesn’t mean that music, a good book, a great / intense movie doesn’t ALSO require someone’s attention and focus. ANYTHING that is a DISTRACTION CAN lead someone to get angry if someone interrupts it. Take some psychology classes and stop being so tunnel visioned. Life isn’t so black and white or simple as it looks at first glance. Stop blaming one thing before you DO YOUR RESEARCH and THEN come back with an EDUCATED opinion. The facts are what I stated above. It’s not the games, it’s the fact that someone who is distracted AND mentally WEAK will do stupid things. Everyone does it.. haven’t you ever been doing something (even your HOMEWORK or WORK?) and someone ditracting you got you a little angry? Exactly. The difference is some people don’t know how to stop themselves from going overboard.. which is why we see murders etc… it’s the people, not the activity people choose to do.

      • xino says:

        Let us use this at your IQ level.
        If this person wasn’t playing games, do you think he would have raged on the baby?
        yes or no?

        if it’s Yes, then I’m right. Games WAS the problem and the cause.

        if it’s No. Then you truly worship and cherish games, it’s time for you to go outside and start reading newspapers of what is going on in the world.
        To say Games causes no problem makes you delusional!

        • Donald says:

          Xino… You sir are an idiot. People cause problems end of converstation. I bet your the type of person that says guns kill people not the person behind the gun. Fuck off.

          • Ziad says:

            So if I agree with you xino, I’m ok.. but if I bring an opposing but EDUCATED opinion, it’s because I “worship and cherish games” and am stupid?? lol… get real dude. Not everyone blames videogames for violence. And yes I DO think he could have done this while watching a movie, reading a book, doing ANYTHING that took his focus away… because obviously the guy was unstable. Kind of sounds like YOU’RE the delusional one.. to think that games are the problem when millions if not BILLIONS of people play videogames, and only a few like this loser resort to violence. You sound like people in the 70’s and 80’s who blamed rock music for causing violence lol. The same was said about films a couple decades ago. It’s always something new to blame.. instead of the parent’s lack of an education from their own parents…..

    • Joe says:

      Friendo, they were both fucked up people for a multitude of reasons – I’m certain games have something to do with killing – in the same way that I think people, personalities, emotional responses, are built in response to stimuli, like games. But do I think that someone seeing a bunch of red pixels in a game makes them go batshit crazy? No.

      You also need to accept that a) underage parents have existed only as long as there has been a limit on how old one had to be to have children and sex, sex has existed, and felt good, long before that, and b) that underage parents are not always bad. My mother was 17 when I was born, AAAND I’m pretty awesome – I also play videogames religously, because you know religion? It honestly has killed millions of people, hell, it still kills them now, and don’t get me started about the fore-skins its cut off in the name of god – (Plus, Batman is way better than Jesus)- Games certainly do not have the same power.

      The damn game doesn’t have anything to do with their rage their failure does – they can’t deal with failing. People have always, I mean, always been pissed if they screw something up. This isn’t a big deal if they have developed in a way where it is of no consequence or has no lasting effect. If someone can’t park their car and punches off the wing mirror, then they hurt only themselves. If someone can’t park the car and runs over the nearest bystander then their rage has become an issue and they are obviously broken. Same principle here.

      You have a naive and yes, incorrect view of the matter bub. I would read this as an opportunity to better yourself – hell, you know what might help you? Some video games. Even CoD can teach morals and consequence.

  11. Mike Ockizard says:

    Sad story. Too bad too, if they really wanted to kill the kid it would have been legal just a few weeks earlier. In that case they would have been celebrated for saving this child a life of disappointment. In this case the young man will spend the rest of his life in prison. What a difference 2 weeks makes!

  12. brian says:

    sorry i couldnt stop laughing at this. i love reading what idiots say and see people teaming up coz oh u think that too so we are right. im an angry gamer but i have never nore would i ever harm a child this is an issue with the person. go play a game see if u wanna kill. again i put this down to fuckin psycho americans like batman the dark knight rises u guys like to blame everything but the people. he decided to shoot up a cinema lol. u guys in america are wired to kill and murder :) and yeah coz people curse doesnt make them immature or less of an adult than you u fucking stupid cunts gaming for life. (murder rampage i mean) idiots

  13. brian says:

    the gaming god wont be happy with this one, coz u know we worship gaming god lol omg

  14. DANNY says:


  15. brian says:

    danny thanks :). i have a feeling the people who against it are religious. the usual shit.

  16. BEASTTRIK says:

    He could of gotten off his ass and cleaned

  17. danny says:

    Somebody should punch him in the face bet he felt like a big man hitting a childe worthless piece of shit

  18. Xearo says:

    No surprise here, just your typical Obama supporters.

    • Ziad says:

      You’re DISGUSTING for making a joke out of this. Whatever you “support” must be just as disgusting as you.

      • Xearo says:

        Hows the gov. cheese taste today? idiot liberal retard

        • STLShazbot says:

          I really can not believe you would make jokes and shit about this.

          I Don’t know what politics has to do with this….

          You and the rest of the community that can sit here and make jokes about a guy who kills his own kid make me sick.

        • Ziad says:

          Aww, sounds like Xearo is sad Obama got elected…. go cry elsewhere re.t.ar.d … this story is about a child getting killed.. not about politics. Shows how smart YOU are. People like YOU shouldn not be ALLOWED to vote. Period. Keep your mouth shut because obviously you’re not good enough to speak. How do you know I’m a liberal by the way? lol. Again, you’re an ignorant small minded bit$h. Keep it shut.

          • Matt says:

            Ziad you really contradict yourself a lot. LETS PARAPHRASE!!!

            go cry elsewhere re.t.ar.d.- Don’t know if your mimicking spelling it out or your 12.

            Shows how smart YOU are. – Pretty sure that shows how smart you are in return.

            People like YOU shouldn not be ALLOWED to vote – Shouldn Not… Possible double negatives are always an easy target so we’ll just attack your tea party ideologies. DEY TOOK OUR JUBS.

            Again, you’re an ignorant small minded bit$h. Keep it shut. – I’ve read all your other postings on the front page, some of them are coherent but to long for me to finish reading… Most of them make me respect the Baby puncher more than you. :)

            Good day.

            • Ziad says:

              Awww, sounds like you’re mad that I pointed out your stupidity, so you only had one thing left to do… attack my grammar mistakes LOL. Get a life loser, and please don’t vote. Stupid people like you are dying out, thank God. Now go back to fucking your sister, bitch. And you talk about respecting a baby puncher… good for you… again, you show how dumb you are. Yay for Romney and his SMART supporters!!! LOL. Dumb bitch.

            • Ziad says:

              And “good day” ? Again, you sound like a fucktard. Shut the fuck up bitch, before you get owned again.

            • Ziad says:

              The only “good day” i wish for you is for when your ignorance bites you right in your ignorant ass and you feel that pain. That’s from a LIBERAL who will happily smack your ugly face if I ever see you. Scum. Take your hate somewhere else, this is america where there ARE different parties. Don’t like it? Go fuck yourself and make a new country when only your republicans can have a say. Until then, deal with it bitch.. or you’re gonna end up having to deal with it the hard way someday soon.

              • Matt says:

                I would respond but there’s nothing smart to respond too…

                Something about liberals and fucking my sister. Do you still feel accomplished? You gave me too much to work with so I’ll just let everyone else come up with their own opinions on your ability to type a post.

                Some of this shit you wrote is hilarious whether you meant it to be serious or not.

                • Ziad says:

                  sounds like you’re upset cuz you got owned and know there is no good response. Keep your mouth shut, be a good bitch for once. Dumb ass. Nobody else has “opinions” here because nobody else is still reading this but you ;) And guess, what, I’m unclicking that “notify me of follow up comments via email” thing… so guess what, the last thing I’ll have to remember about this “conversation” with a “conservative” (aka a conversation with a fucking dumbass who thought this story was about OBAMA, a dumb bitch who thinks EVERY story is about obama and liberals and politics …. LOL…) ..the last thing I want to remember about this conversation is that I told you to GO FUCK YOURSELF ;) That is all. Go get a fucking brain, you fucking idiot. Come back when you’re a real man, and THEN open your mouth, bitch. BYE! Was fun owning you ;) Remember, don’t vote until you educate yourself first ;)

                  • Matt says:

                    You didn’t own shit… not with my dick in your mouth at least. I am fully capable of dropping myself to your level which is what I’m going to do on this post. I really don’t have to but I must insist considering your not capable of understanding where I was going on my last post. YOU ARE STUPID… to say the least. I swear I could have a better conversation with a slow first grader than I could ever have with you. You are RETARDED… I have to give you the honor of calling you that because even the mentally disabled are more capable of doing anything than you are. You throw around the word “liberal” like you even have a basic understanding of the American Political system and even then your claiming to be something most people just shrug off. I bet your highest knowledge of it came from your Liberal arts class in high school when you were coloring pictures of the American flags and cutting out the letters for a “Freedom” banner and that’s all dependent on how far you made it through school. I highly doubt you unclicked that “Notify me” box… I bet you’ve been checking your email for the past couple days while I’ve been making up my mind if I even wanted to respond to your dumb ass. Your so desperate for someone to read your jumbled words and half assed sentences that I know you’ll respond and I’ll gladly carry on “Owning” your ass because it’s easier for me to do it than you.

                    And just to make sure… I’ve got the last word if you don’t respond so it’s win win here.

  19. […] some guy killed his kid for interrupting his gaming session, which obviously means that video games turn you into a psychotic douche. Without them, we […]

  20. […] Was Chen’s compulsive need to play (and those of his fellow internet café gamers) so severe that such behaviours should be classified as a full-blown addiction? Just what is it about these types of games that makes them so compelling? […]

  21. […] Was Chen’s compulsive need to play (and those of his fellow internet café gamers) so severe that such behaviours should be classified as a full-blown addiction? Just what is it about these types of games that makes them so compelling? […]

  22. AzureSentinel says:

    I know this is really late, and that no one will probably read this, but no one else mentioned it.

    I myself am an avid gamer. I know exactly how it feels to be stuck on a level/boss fight, and to fail over and over. Hell, I know how it feels to be interrupted repeatedly when you’re in “the zone”. Hell yeah, I’ve ragequit before. Long term studies show that there is a positive correlation between violent media and violent behavior in children and teens. But if you raise the child right, talk to him instead of plopping him down for hours at a time, things like this don’t happen. The caretakers are as much to blame as the video games. Let the child know that there are others ways to solve most problems than violence.

  23. Reality Check says:

    Anyone joking about a baby being murdered–for any reason, needs to be dragged outside for their neighbors to see, & shot into the face to such only dental records could identify them.

    We Really need a Clean Up service in America to euthanize idiots.

    • rebecca olesen says:

      You first twat.

      I bet you’re first in line against death penalty, pro abortion, blah blah ‘human rights’ except for people who say things you don’t like, then suddenly you’re cool with it.

      p.s. brian frazier? he looks more like his name should be mustafa inbred. OH and I see that the baby’s name was KHAN – and there we have it.

      The highly inbred family history in north african, mid east, arab & turkish muslims is known to cause impulse control problems, and emotional problems – specifically uncontrolled rage.

      Dude has turkish ancestry, no doubt whatsoever.

  24. […] Punching Babies – literally. Brian Frazer is charged with first degree murder for killing his infant that disturbed his video game playing. […]

  25. […] some guy killed his kid for interrupting his gaming session, which obviously means that video games turn you into a psychotic douche. Without them, we […]

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