Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition pre-loads Thurs

With a release just weeks away, Overhaul Games' Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition looks like it will be available for gamers to start pre-loading on Thursday November 22nd, exciting news for Baldur's Gate fans.

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition features a new UI

In a message on the official Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition facebook page an hour ago, developers Overhaul Games wrote:

Hey, clear some hard drive space for Thursday.
Just trust me on this one.

In a "clarification" posted in the comments, they also wrote:

 I guess you could take "hard drive" to mean "stomach" and "baldurs gate pre-loading" could mean "turkey meat" but I wouldn't bet on it. I'm just not much of a metaphorist.

In other words, it looks like pre-loading for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition will start this Thursday the 22nd of November, great news for those who have been awaiting the game since its delay four days before its initial release date in September.

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition is an "overhauled" version of the original RPG Baldur's Gate by BioWare, published by Black Isle and Interplay in 1998. With enhanced graphics, hundreds of bug fixes, improved (and crossplatform) multiplayer support, compatibility with modern machines, and much more, BG:EE will also be making it to iPad and Android tablets with an improved touch screen interface. The PC and Mac versions of BG:EE will be $19.99 and will be released on November 28th, and the iOS and Android versions will be $10 and available soon after.

UPDATE: A tweet by Creative Director Trent Oster earlier today confirmed that the Android version will definitely not be released in November, as it needs more polish:

 The Android build is still in the works. It needs more lovin' We are looking into December for Android.

Full disclosure: I was a volunteer beta-tester on Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition.

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