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Star Citizen crowdfunding passes over 5m

Now in its final day of crowdfunding, space flight sim Star Citizen has a combined total of over US$5 million, making it the most crowdfunded game ever!

Star Citizen, a project from studio Cloud Imperium and famed designer Chris Roberts, designer of the original Wing Commander, is a spaceflight sim looking to breathe some fresh air into the rather stale space sim genre. With drop-in online as well as offline play and a huge sandbox world to explore, it's a massive undertaking with some impressive ideas and even more impressive visuals, if the above video is any indication.

Roberts originally tried to crowdfund the project on his own, but soon decided to tandem crowdfund with a Kickstarter project as well after some backer feedback. As of this post, the Kickstarter has earned US$1,767,376 in pledges (far in excess of the initial 500k goal), while the original crowdfunding website has earned US$3,378,611 for a grand total of over US$5,146,252 with roughly 15 hours to go.

Previously the title of most crowdfunded game ever was held by Obsidian Entertainment's Project Eternity, which finished in October this year, but it looks like Project Eternity's total of US$4,163,208 has been well and truly surpassed!

Check out the Star Citizen Kickstarter, and the Roberts Space Industries website for the original crowdfunding platform.

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