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No Women Allowed in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Described by a fan as "sort of Counter-Strike meets Knights of the Round Table", Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a new, fast-paced medieval FPS that invites gamers to "Get medieval" - as long as you don't want to play as, or interact with, a female character.

Despite the promising title, no women feature in Chivalry, either as playable characters, or as NPCs - and the developer thinks it should stay that way.

Livipedia, a gamer, posted on the game's forums, suggesting that maybe a few female inclusions could be good for the game. In her post, she acknowledges that women were forbidden from entering combat during the era the game is set in, but points out that - as a fictional creation, anything is possible.

My question is, what would the developers have to lose if they added a female option for each class? Right now, as far as I can tell, you don't even have female NPCs (even the peasants standing in the crowd and running around in the villages are all male, from what I can see.) And, yes, I am okay with seeing women as well as men get their heads chopped off, this is a mature game.

The response from developer Tibberius is somewhat startling in its bluntness:

This is a tough one, I actually think that adding female characters to a game like this would make it appeal less to females. Which at first sounds strange, but from my experience of the general maturity level of the internet and the unfortunately male dominated FPS market... I don't think that it would add to the experience for women or men given the actions that would likely occur.

Female gamers - and those who like to play as (or with) female characters - are a little taken aback by this response, but it doesn't stop there. Fans of the game start chiming in, labelling Livipedia a "f**king retard" for bringing up such a "total unhistoric" idea which "kills the historical charakter of the game". Others point out that "A country that is fielding women to fight is making a mistake, as they are the ones that give you new soldiers for next generations war."

As Livipedia observes, "This argument makes no sense," when you're talking about digital people in a digital game, who have less than no responsibility to create soldiers for the next generation's war.

On the About Chivalry page, Torn Banner claims:

We believe that a wide variety of gamers would enjoy Chivalry, especially fans of the Medieval and pre-Medieval Era, or First-person shooter gamers who are looking for something new but with a familiar control scheme and competitive environment.

...however, it seems that their idea of a "wide variety" does not include those who'd like to play as, or interact with, the occasional medieval lady. The saga continues.

UPDATE: War of the Roses is another game set in a similar timeframe which is playing the "historical accuracy" card when explaining why there are no ladies on the battlefield.

We will not have female characters as it's not historically correct. And there were not females in combat during the 30 years of wars that our game takes place in.

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9 Responses to “No Women Allowed in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare”

  1. Mythor says:

    Is he perhaps talking about the usual childish behaviour of teabagging and corpsehumping that takes place in such environments? Why would that be okay when it’s virtual-man on virtual-man but not okay when a virtual-woman is involved?

    If that’s not what he’s talking about then I’m stumped. Very strange response.

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  5. LeftLeaningBimbo says:

    So… This is what the feminist movement of today has achieved? A bunch of angry women whining about “Y U NO PUT FEMALES IN YUR GAEM?!”? Pretty much like the blacks always go “u no put black folk in ur game? das RACIST!”.
    LOL, yes it should stay this way. You don’t like it? then shut the f up and make your own game.

    • Xena Bard says:

      If “Left leaning bimbo” is supposed to be an insult for women, it says a heck of a lot about the immaturity of the coward hiding behind it. I’d wager that 99% of the guys reading it think you are an immature little wanker.

  6. Xena Bard says:

    This is not an historical documentary, it is a damned video game, for ENTERTAINMENT… The developer overestimates his importance in the scheme of things. lol.

    But, let’s consider historical purety for a moment: Many people DIED in battle! There was very little healing, and even people with minor wounds got infections. In some cases, entire armies were wiped out by dysentery and other communicable diseases. I hope these forces will be accounted for. Also, people got sick and died bc water and food got tainted. Refrigeration was non-existent and people knew next to nothing about hygiene. So take care to wipe out just about everyone in your camp, on a routine basis.

    If the developer is going to be historically accurate, that makes most healing PLUS player “re-spawns” are completely off-limits. No fast travel, either. No inventory, either. Whatever you can’t carry, you can’t own. No banks – there were none.

    It also means each time a player dies he or she will need to create an entirely NEW CHARACTER since there is no historical justification for reincarnating the same toon.

    Sucks being you if you have lots of gear and gold – all of that will need to be divided up among the other players. Dead = dead. Let’s be fair, now. You can’t be an historical purist only when it suits you.

    Now – the claim that there were no females doing battle is complete and utter nonsense. Joan of Arc comes to mind. There have always been women who bucked convention, dressed like men and passed for men. Just bc it wasn’t recorded does not mean it did not happen.

    This has nothing to do with “angry feminists” and everything to do with being inclusive. Many women will not complain, even if this bothers them, bc they’re afraid their boyfriends or husbands will bully them by making them feel silly for complaining

    Not most men, just the type that is threatened by strong, powerful, independent women. They know that a smart woman can kick their ass.

    If some of the players and the developers don’t get what the “big deal” is, be honest and make a list of all the things you wouldn’t be able to do with your character if this weren’t a video game and you had to stick to real world limitations. Think about eliminating every element that isn’t possible in the real world. Then tell me there is sufficient justification for excluding female characters.

    Uggghhhh… I can’t believe I even have to discuss this in 2014. Appalling.

    • 241 says:

      ___Your argument is a strawman Xena Bard.

      ___The premise of your argument is that the game Chivalry is not “historically accurate” and thus, shouldn’t exclude female characters on that basis. Since when does a video game need to be historically accurate to include realism or exclude female characters? The design of said video game is entirely up to the discretion of those who develop and publish it, regardless of whether or not it is viewed as a “historical documentary.”

      ___Also, like you said “it is a damned video game, for ENTERTAINMENT.” Are there not people who find this game entertaining? Judging by Chivalry’s current player base, I’d say yes.

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