Dishonored expands with three new add-on packs

Three new add-on packs have been announced for Dishonored, giving you plenty more opportunities to figure out just what you really would do with a drunken whaler. The first - Dunwall City Trials - is due out in December, with two more following some time in 2013.

Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials

Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials

Dunwall City Trials features ten challenge maps, designed to track (and test!) your combat, stealth and mobility skills. From a simple race against the clock, a "gravity-defying run" of drop assassinations and an arena battle against wave upon wave of enemy AI, each map includes its own unique trials - and its own global online leaderboard. Pick up a whole new set of achievements and trophies and get your name in lights... or die a dismal death.

The second add-on pack for Dishonored, due in early Spring, is as yet unnamed, but will star the supernatural assassin group known as The Whalers. Daud, the leader of the pack, has his own weapons, powers and gadgets, and you'll be able to explore them all (plus new Dunwall locations!) in this story-driven campaign.

Details for this extra Dishonored content are slim at this stage - the first pack will be sold for US$4.99 (or 400 MS Points) - dates and pricing for the second and third add-ons will be confirmed closer to launch.

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