Project Eternity successful: $4 million pledged

When Obsidian Entertainment launched Project Eternity and raised nearly $1.4 million in pledges within just 48 hours or so, we knew we were in for something a bit special. Today, the game is well and truly funded, with a last-ditch effort seeing nearly $4 million pledged through the project's Kickstarter page, making it the most funded video game project ever hosted on the crowd-funding site.

Project Eternity

Our first glimpse of Project Eternity

Previously, the Double Fine Adventure held the record with $3,336,371, with Wasteland 2 picking up $2,933,252. Gaming console Ouya is still the largest games-related project, raising nearly $8.6 million, but as it's not a game...

It's also worth noting that - after Project Eternity ships and all bills have been paid, 5% of the game's profits will be reinvested into other Kickstarter projects, through Brian Fargo's Kick it Forward campaign.

Meanwhile, Project Eternity has been labelled a mockery of the crowdfunding model by some, who point out that it needed little more than a big promise and some concept art to raise more than a million dollars.

(On the other hand, it suggests that there's a definite audience looking for RPGs like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape, and perhaps Project Eternity is it!)

There's also some dispute over the final amount raised, and whether or not the PayPal funds will be included in the Kickstarter stretch goals - by the end, Obsidian was promising to "enhance the whole game" if $4m was reached. The Kickstarter-only fund fell a tiny $13,071 short of that goal, but when the $140k in PayPal is included...

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