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Kickstarter names 2012 The Year of the Game

If you thought there were a lot more gaming crowd-funding projects popping up in 2012, you'd be right. Kickstarter has confirmed what we all suspected: More money has been pledged to games-related projects than to any other category over the past 12 months.

...and who else do we have to blame but Double Fine. Raising $1 million in just 24 hours, the world's never looked back.

The Kickstarter blog explains the situation from their side of the fence:

Double Fine signaled to game developers that they could use Kickstarter to do something that previously seemed impossible: make the game they wanted without outside interference.

36 projects have raised more than $500,000 this year, and 20 - more than half - have been games. 11 projects raised more than $1 million - and seven of those were games. And it's not just the big projects, either. To date, more than $50 million has been pledged for gaming-related projects, a number that towers above the $42 million for film, $40 million for design, $25 million for music, and the disappointingly-low $16 million for technology. This is a big change from a year ago - gaming used to be the eighth most-funded category in history, seeing just 3.6% of all money pledged going to related projects. In 2012, it's 23%.

However, the cracks are starting to form: Even the most well-funded Kickstarter projects are finding it difficult to deliver on promises, meaning we could be about to see a wave of unfulfilled pledges, which will mean crowdfunding will drop rather sharply from grace.

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