Uncharted: The Movie currently directionless

The future of the Uncharted movie tie-in is uncertain again, with the project finding itself without a director.

Might be a while before this hits the big screen

Might be a while before this hits the big screen

What the adaptation does have, however, is a pair of script writers who bring a certain pedigree - the husband-and-wife team of Marianne and Cormac Wibberley were the pens behind Disney's National Treasure franchise, starring Nicolas Cage.

The team has now announced it will wait for the Wibberleys to finish writing before they start looking for a new director - the film's third. Three Kings director David O. Russell was attached, before leaving in 2011. Neil Burger, the man behind Limitless was the next to be attached to the project, but he has also since departed.

Uncharted, based on the game franchise from Naughty Dog is in the works at Sony Pictures, Atlas Entertainment and Arad Productions, and tells the story of Nathan Drake seeking the mystical lost treasure of El Dorado.

There has been no official statement whether or not Mark Wahlberg is still intent on playing Drake.

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2 Responses to “Uncharted: The Movie currently directionless”

  1. […] the blow), in a week which also included updates on the film adaptations of both Gears of War and Uncharted. Peter Molyneux's big comeback was delayed, Borderlands received a demake, that Scott Pilgrim DLC […]

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