Tony Scott “badly wanted” to direct Gears of War

This week, movie buffs are mourning the death of Tony Scott, following the Top Gun director's suicide at the age of 68. In recent years, Scott had directed Unstoppable, Domino and The Taking of Pelham 123 - but stories are now surfacing that he had also tried to snag a video game tie-in film as well: The cinematic release of Gears of War.

The news first came to light when Epic design director Cliff Bleszinski tweeted a confirmation of Scott's death:

I met with him once to see about him directing the Gears movie. He was so nice and talented. :(

Gears of War

Gears of War

New Line Cinemas acquired the movie rights to the Gears franchise back in 2007, as former producer Jeff Katz reminisces on Twitter:

When we acquired Gears of War at New Line, [Tony Scott] badly wanted to direct. Chased it hard.

It didn't work out, but I always loved the idea of seeing him play in that sort of Ridley-adjacent space, which he'd really avoided. I'll always wish it happened.

Bleszinski also recalls the meeting, where Scott "went all out":

I remember the meeting. He had a video presentation and everything. He told stories about filming Man on Fire in Mexico.

We haven't heard much about the Gears of War film adaptation in recent years - after New Line acquired the rights in 2007, Live Free or Die Hard director Len Wiseman was also signed up in 2008. He dropped out in 2010, and no replacement director has yet been named.

Scott - director of The Last Boy Scout, True Romance and Crimson Tide - had a firm grasp of the popcorn action genre, one typically better received by audiences than critics. His interpretation of the Marcus/Dom 'bromance' would have been one to watch.

Tony Scott is survived by his twin sons, Frank and Max, his wife, Donna Wilson Scott.

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2 Responses to “Tony Scott “badly wanted” to direct Gears of War”

  1. […] He dropped out in 2010, and no replacement has been named – although reportedly Top Gun director Tony Scott had discussed taking the […]

  2. […] He dropped out in 2010, and no replacement has been named – although reportedly Top Gun director Tony Scott had discussed taking the […]

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