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OUYA successful, reaches nearly 10x funding goal

It's official: OUYA has been fully funded, with the console's Kickstarter campaign drawing to a close. Actually, "fully funded" is one of the industry's greatest understatements. The campaign reached its original target, US$950,000 - and then doubled it - within 24 hours of going live. One month later, and more than US$8.5 million has been pledged by nearly 63,500 backers.

OUYA... the little box that could.

OUYA... the little box that could.

It's not really surprising - over those four weeks, everyone was talking about the little box that could. Whether you were for it or against it, everyone had an opinion, and those who supported the technology did so with open wallets.

The highest-profile of these supporters? Robert Bowling, who announced the world's first OUYA-exclusive title: A game tied into his Human Element project.

Other, more indie-themed, developers have also shown their support and excitement over a new (cheap!) console that will allow you to play around with both software and hardware without the risk of voiding your warranty.

Looking at the numbers, OUYA is officially the second-biggest funding round in Kickstarter history (certainly the largest when it comes to games-related projects), although it is still in the shadow of the mighty Pebble Watch.

Now, it's a matter of playing the waiting game. OUYA's expected delivery date is sometime in March 2013 - but with the studio not expecting anything like the level of interest, we're anticipating that timeframe to blow out considerably.

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3 Responses to “OUYA successful, reaches nearly 10x funding goal”

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