Walking Dead Social Game shuffles to Facebook

It might be difficult to believe that someone sat down at AMC and decided that what the world really needs is another game based on The Walking Dead, but - apparently - that's exactly what happened, with The Walking Dead Social Game officially announced by AMC and RockYou.

The Walking Dead Social Game

The Walking Dead Social Game

The story-based game, exclusively for Facebook, invites fans to step once more into the zombie-filled world. Not only will you be fighting for your own life, but through the wonders of social networking, you'll be helping your friends to survive as well.

Mac McKean, AMC SVP of Digital Media explains:

The audience for AMC's 'The Walking Dead’ are passionate and deeply interested in the world of the show. Our social game allows them to explore and experience the zombie apocalypse for themselves, along with their friends.

Just because this one's on Facebook doesn't mean it'll be any less enjoyable than the other games we've seen come out of the franchise. We're looking at a "unique, tension-filled social gaming experience", where you'll have to use combat, stealth and trickery in order to survive. Plus, there are quests to complete, because this is a social game.

Josh Grant, SVP and GM of Studio Partners at RockYou explains:

Gamers are ready for a more robust gameplay experience on Facebook. We’re bringing a thrilling survival-horror game experience to a more social platform that both long-time gamers and fans new to the gaming space can enjoy.

Your character's stats will be based on various attributes - stamina, range of movement, vision, shooting accuracy - and as you progress, you'll earn points which can then be re-invested into those stats. This way, your squad can be customised just the way you like it.

...something you might not like so much: Your own Facebook friends may turn on you, transforming into blood-thirsty walkers and invading your game.

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One Response to “Walking Dead Social Game shuffles to Facebook”

  1. jon griffin says:

    the game is cartoonie comeing off the walking dead seiries its good and i like it

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