Key BioShock Infinite staffers leave Irrational

Progress on BioShock Infinite has suffered another setback: the sudden departure of two of the game's primary developers.

Both Nate Wells, art director on the project, and Tim Gerritsen, director of product development at Irrational, have packed up and left the company, for reasons not discussed in public.

BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite

The announcements came - not through Irrational itself, but via social media, which saw Wells update his personal Twitter account with the news "New Job ... Details to follow", while Gerritsen silently updated LinkedIn to show Irrational as a previous employer.

At this stage, both men are keeping very quiet about what's going on: Wells' LinkedIn page temporarily listed Naughty Dog as his 2012 employers, but the mention was swiftly deleted, leaving fans of both BioShock and Uncharted to speculate wildly.

As for BioShock Infinite, Irrational head honcho Ken Levine has reassured fans with the following Tweet:

Scott Sinclair, art director of BioShock, back in the art director's chair for Infinite to bring it home. Can't wait to show you what's cooking.

...despite this news, gamers and analysts remain cautious over Infinite's future. The game did not appear at this year's E3, and is reportedly a no-show for this month's gamescom, prompting some speculation the game may be pushed back even further than the current February 2013 release date.

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2 Responses to “Key BioShock Infinite staffers leave Irrational”

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