Scott Pilgrim gets online multiplayer, 2yrs later

Do you remember Wallace Wells? Possibly more to the point - do you remember Scott Pilgrim vs the World? It was a retro-brawling-side-scroller from Ubisoft, launched on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade all the way back in 2010. What does Wallace have to do with this? His name is the one applied to the brand new DLC pack, due out for the game in just over a week.

Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Scott Pilgrim vs the World

...yes. It's a two year old game. It's not seen much action in the past little while, but Ubi thinks it's time to resurrect the critically-acclaimed comic goodness with a brand new bunch of online multiplayer content.

The publisher made the announcement via Twitter, but has remained quiet on any further details. Happily, Major Nelson from Xbox has no such qualms, outing a date (August 19th) and a price (400 Microsoft Points, roughly US$5).

Thanks to the good Major, we know that the "Scott Pilgrim co-op/Wallace Wells DLC" can be described as "Online Multiplayer" content, something gamers have been demanding since Scott Pilgrim hit our consoles two years ago.

Wallace Wells featured in the comic series as Scott Pilgrim's gay roommate. He appeared in the video game, as a lowly NPC, and starred in the film adaptation, played by Macauley Culkin's brother.

Now, we're anticipating that the DLC pack will make him into a fully playable character, so gamers can explore whatever it is that gamers like to explore, these days.

(If you'd like to explore some kick-ass pixel art, you may like to look at our free Scott Pilgrim pixel art gallery, every bit as awesome as it was back in 2010.)

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4 Responses to “Scott Pilgrim gets online multiplayer, 2yrs later”

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