More than 1 million gamers playing DayZ

It's been a mere four months since DayZ changed the way gamers looked at 2009 shooter ArmA II. The inclusion of zombies, minimal supplies and kill-or-be-killed survival mechanics have reinvigorated the military franchise, with more and more people discovering the game each day. An update on the game's official website has announced that there are now more than 1,003,490 unique gamers who have dipped their toes into the murky modded waters - a huge jump from the 500,000 playing less than a month ago.

It really happened.... one million players in four months!!!

...four days before that Twitter update, designer Dean Hall was happy enough with the game passing 900,000 unique players - looks like the weekend did wonders for his popularity!

We already knew DayZ was ridiculously popular - it's boosted ArmA II to the top of the Steam sales charts for weeks, increasing sales by more than 500%.

With DayZ technically still in alpha pre-release, New Zealand-based Hall has suggested that a stand-alone game is also in the works. Described as simultaneously "the best zombie video game ever made" and "the most terrifying game of 2012", the internet is full of user videos, diaries, and written accounts of experiences in the new world of Chernarus - and with more than 500,000 new players in just a few weeks, we're assuming the zombie onslaught hasn't finished just yet.

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  1. […] just four months as a mod for Bohemia's military FPS ArmA II and has already claimed more than one million fans. I realize people will have many, many questions – but we wanted to let everyone know the […]

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