New trailer shows off Battlefield 3: Armored Kill

Just because Battlefield 4 is now officially on the horizon, don't think that EA has forgotten about Battlefield 3. Today we have a fresh new trailer for Armored Kill, the third DLC pack for the game, focussing on vehicular combat.

Due to the fact that tanks are somewhat larger than people, it's only fitting that a map focussing on heavy vehicles should be somewhat larger than one designed for soldiers on foot. Enter the Bandar Desert, officially the largest map in Battlefield history.

That's not the only new thing in Armored Kill, of course. There are five new (drivable!) vehicles - including tanks, ATVs and mobile artillery - and there's more than 20 vehicle-specific unlocks thrown in as well. For those who like something a little different, there's the ability to spawn in the all-new gunship, for a chance to "rain death from above".

There's also a brand new gameplay mode: Tank Superiority. That one features heavy vehicles duking it out as they try to control key areas on the map, so it's a little self explanatory (and a lot of fun).

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill is due out sometime in September 2012, and remember - Battlefield 3 Premium members can get their hands on the expansion a full two weeks earlier than everybody else.

(Click to embiggen)

Armored Kill is the third in a series of planned downloadable expansion packs for Battlefield 3 - we're still looking forward to Aftermath, due by the end of the year, and the prophetic-sounding End Game which arrives in March 2013.

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