StarCraft II Oceania WCS finals set for Sydney

Mark your calendars, folks: Blizzard and the Australian Cyber League have teamed up and the weekend of August 11-12 will see Sydney play host to the World Cyber Sports Australia National and Oceania Finals, at the Australian Technology Park. It's set to be the biggest Blizzard-hosted eSports event in history, so if you're a fan of StarCraft II, it'll be well worth checking out (entry is free!).

We're not sure what's a bigger drawcard: The US$25,000 combined prize pool, the top 18 players from Australia and New Zealand, or the impressive list of casters that Blizzard and ACL have arranged. As well as local prodigy Maynarde, expect matches to be cast by IPL's HD and PainUser, and GSL's own Tasteless and Artosis.

Australian Finalists
Zerg: mOOnGLaDe, Mafia, PiG, Techtron, EdgE, tgun, Ninja
Protoss: Fustration, Legionnaire, Yang, BiGbiRd, Light
Terran: YoonYJ, iaguz, deth, Rossi

(New Zealand representatives to be announced...)

The competition's actually in two parts. Saturday is all-Aussie: The Australian National event will crown 2012's best Australian StarCraft II players. They won't have long to celebrate though, as the second part kicks off on Sunday and sees the top six Aussie players battling it out with the two best gamers from New Zealand. This is the Oceania Finals - and the two best from that event will represent the region in the World Championship in China a little later this year.

As mentioned, entry is free! All you need to do is pick up a ticket and head off to Technology Park on August 11th and 12th to show your support for StarCraft II, eSports, and our local gamers. Don't forget: Events like this depend on you! The more interested you are, the more events will be held!

For more information on the WCS Australia National / Oceania Finals, head to the official ACL website.

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  1. […] arriving at the StarCraft II Blizzard World Championships, it didn’t take me long to figure out that this was the real deal, finally in Australia. On stage […]

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